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  1. Miradan

    Duplicate for Scant?

    Any suggestions for a dupe for Scant, MAC or other h/e? I love the color but have decided I dislike the formula -- way too soft and prone to breaking. Thanks!
  2. Miradan

    Looking for e/s similar to Sunnydaze

    Sunnydaze is my HG eyeshadow, a beautiful golden-taupe on me -- but it has way too much glitter to wear during the day! Any recommendations for something similar? I know Coco is very similar to it, but I find that Sunnydaze is more golden and somewhat warmer than Coco, which is more silver and...
  3. Miradan


    Good morning/afternoon! I've lurked for about six months but just registered this morning. I love makeup, have only been into MAC for a little while -- helped in large part by the MAC store that's only a couple blocks from where I work! Very dangerous :roll: Looking forward to meeting y'all.