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    Nocturnelle Event Haul

    Heyy, I went to the MAC pro unveiling of Nocturnelle last night. It was really nice, they had some awesome cocktails made out of black vodka Soooo.. I bought Desirous blush All woman l/g Magnetique l/g Chance Encounter l/g Redd lipliner Studio mist foundation Studio mist blush in peach spritz
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    CCO/Technacolor/Plushglass haul

    So I went to the CCO at sawgrass mills today and got a prep+prime eye base, Rose d'or bronzing stick, and a 187 brush. Then I went to my MAC counter @ Westland mall and got Pompous blue, Blue Edge e/s, Greyprint technakohl, and oversexed and wet, wild and wonderful plushglass. p.s. They still...
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    Is Prrr l/g discontinued?

    I have found a couple of listings on ebay stating that prrr lipglass is discontinued. I know I saw it the last time I went to my pro store. Isn't this misleading and false advertising?
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    My "I was bored so I went on ebay" haul

    well ladies... I had been wanting Say Yeah! eyeshadow forever...and I finally got it. I got Say Yeah!, Little Minx, Sunsplosion eyeshadows and Non-Conformist fluidline all together for a whopping $34.99! I am very happy! Can't wait till they arrive.
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    looks fishy to me..what do you think?
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    When did this come out?

    I found this on ebay, I've never seen it and was wondering if anyone knew when it came out.