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  1. artisick

    My "I can't look at my receipt" haul =)

    Ok, so these are 3 different hauls. But all in all, this is the biggest purchase I have ever made.. even if it is 3 (F&F, CCO, & freestanding store haul). I just put everything together in one picture. Wow, I so don't wanna look at all of my receipts.. eyeshadows pictured: (top row, left to...
  2. artisick

    Is there a solution for pigmented lips?

    Hey fellow specktra lovers.. this may be a silly question, but here it goes.. I have considerably pigmented lips that it's difficult for me to easily choose lippies without having to try a billion on before I find one that'll show the color I'd like it to show on my lips. I was wondering is...
  3. artisick

    i think my wallet officially hates me, lol.

    So this is the first haul I'm posting here on Specktra. Only because I finally got my cam fixed. Yay Anyway, I was a little iffy on getting the holiday e/s palettes and brush sets so I just ordered 1 of each for now. I might just end up getting 1 more of the e/s palettes. Well, here's the...
  4. artisick

    Should I return this.. ?

    So I just bought 4 of the Electroflash mineralized eyeshadow duos this past Saturday. I usually open up the boxes before I purchase them just to make sure the ones the MUA are giving me aren't damaged or anything. Butttt, it was SUPPPERRR crazy busy on Saturday so I didn't really have the...
  5. artisick

    Asking for d/c MAC products..

    I've never done this.. only because I don't know if it's silly to.. But if you're at the MAC counter, would you ever ask the MA to ask if they have any discontinued items stashed away somewhere (like not on the counter and in the drawers)? I don't know if it's rude in any way to ask for such a...
  6. artisick

    Stila Pans and MAC Palettes

    I'm sorry if this was already asked but I can't seem to find the thread on it.. Do the Stila Eyeshadow Pans fit into the MAC pro palettes? Thanks, and, again, I apologize if this is a re-post.
  7. artisick

    MAC Prep+Prime Eye Base vs. UDPP

    I've only and forever have been using UDPP and have never tried MAC's eye prep+prime. Which one do you prefer better? Thanks!