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  1. GoldenFairy

    I'm back guys!! Big BNIB sale from my collection!

    Hi again Guys!!! After a couple of years away, I'm back on Specktra and having a new sale of mostly brand new boxed items. Prices as shown and will be posted within 5 working days. UK delivery addresses only please! Note: I can only accept paypal. Those who have purchased from me before will...
  2. GoldenFairy

    SALE!!! Inc. rare MAC

    Hi lovely Specktra friends! I'm having a sale as I have waaaay too much make up right now and not enough time or space use it all. Everything is as described and I will be adding pictures shortly. Feel free to buy the items for on-sell if you want. I just want to sell them off for space! PM...
  3. GoldenFairy

    Turning 30

    Hi everyone! As I am fast approaching my 30th birthday I just wanted to know how those that are 30+ feel about having hit such a milestone and for those yet to hit the 3-0 what their feelings are on it. Personally, I don't feel any different from how I felt when I was 21 - though I know that I...