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  1. Bukola

    Career opportunities

    This is great to know and I appreciate your response.
  2. Bukola

    Career opportunities

    Beauty Industry is diverse and large as it differs in regions of the world. In Africa, the Makeup industry is big and growing as an exceptional rate which have given people opportunities to build a career in the industry. A beauty service such as tanning is not recognised likewise some other...
  3. Bukola

    New to the forum

    I am Bukola, a Nigerian citizen and a professional Makeup artist for about 10 years. In the new year 2022; I decided to take up new challenges by expanding my knowledge to study and learn more about Beauty. I am currently taking a course in Beauty Therapy at TAFE Cairns Campus, Queensland...
  4. Bukola

    Industry Expectations of Employees

    I have been in the Beauty Industry for about 10 years exclusively on Makeup services and application. I am taking a course which includes other beauty services to expand my knowledge. I will like to know what the Industry’s expectation is as regards employees. I haven’t had the opportunity to...