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  1. Chic 2k6

    Evening FOTD

    Hey people Haven't posted an FOTD for a long long time! I've been in a makeup rut plus been way too busy at college. It's not a fancy look, just a simple evening look since I went out with my Dad for a meal (i only see him once or twice a week). I used (all MAC otherwise stated): Eyes: Bare...
  2. Chic 2k6

    look!! I met Velvet Revolver! W00T!

    Ok I had the most amazing time! Seriously, the best concert ever, I'm still buzzing from it now! The Meet & Greet I got to the arena just after 4 and joined the M&G queue and I waited til after 4:30 to be let in, and get my envelope which contained the backstage pass laminate, a photograph and...
  3. Chic 2k6

    Ebay Changes

    I dont like some of the ebay changes, excuse my language but the new sellers are fucked, the power sellers can benefit from some of the changes but what about the sellers who only want to make coupla quid from clothing or old CDs and whatever? Some of it sounds off to me. What do you think...
  4. Chic 2k6

    Originals & Metal X haul (woodbury common also)

    I went out to NYC for 11 days (came back yesterday) and I went MAC shopping hehe, i bought: Royal Assets 3 Pink Lips for my aunt Power Supply plushglass for my sister Cabana nail varnish Rougemarie nail varnish Parrot e/s 6th Sin cream e/s Gold Spice cream e/s I got Cabana from Woodbury Common...
  5. Chic 2k6

    It's hard to hold a candle in the cold November Rain

    I havent been posting FOTDs for a while lol, haven't been bothered with makeup much and nor have i bought any new MAC stuff (my purse thanks me for that!) I wore this look to a friend's birthday meal I used all MAC unless stated. Eyes: Bare Canvas paint for base Aquadisiac e/s on inner V...
  6. Chic 2k6

    It's Shimmertime!

    I decided to do a neutral kind of FOTD today lol, so here it is. Also I havent been feeling like doing makeup lol so just getting back into the sync. All MAC unless stated: Bare Canvas paint for base Phloof! e/s on lid, crease & highlight Shimmertime pigment on outer lid, crease & partial...
  7. Chic 2k6

    Through the Purple Grape Vine

    got some new makeup and didnt use it til recently lol first look is purple lol, what collection did Purple Grape eyeshadow come from? (All MAC unless stated) Face: Natural MSF in Medium Eyes: Bare Canvas paint for base Purple Grape e/s all over lid Mercurial e/s in crease light dusting of...
  8. Chic 2k6

    Photoshoot pics :)

    I did a mini photoshoot of my cousin at a request of my Aunt so I did, let me know what you think! (all pics are clickables) Then I gave him a small makeover
  9. Chic 2k6

    Flash Shock Haulage

    didn't buy too much today, just got what i could afford. Northern Lights MSF Tectonic MES Wondergrass e/s (had this reserved) other hauls: She-Boom lipgelee Viva Glam V l/s
  10. Chic 2k6

    Party In The Parc FOTN

    I went away for a mini break last week and went to a Party In The Parc (which was naff but fun) so i did this look All MAC unless stated Eyes: Bare Canvas paint for base Aquavert e/s in inner V & Crease Pompous Blue e/s in outer V & crease Steamy e/s lower lash line Graph Black technakohl for...
  11. Chic 2k6

    my wicked haul!

    i went to Lush earlier and bought Karma Shower Gel, it's exclusive to the UK Lush Party so it's not available on shelves. I managed to grab a bottle today it smells gorgeous and my dad got me a brand new Fuji FinePix A800 and it's awesome with 8.3 megapixels.
  12. Chic 2k6

    The Final Prom FOTD

    im playing with different looks for the prom on friday so i did this one today: All MAC unless stated: Canton Candy paint for base Base Light paint for extra base Swish e/s all over lid Pinked Mauve pigment on outer v and crease Pink Venus e.s to highlight Sweet Lust e.s on top of pink venus...
  13. Chic 2k6

    my big-ish haul :)

    Went shopping Saturday & Sunday and bought: Yesterday: From Lush: Curly Wurly conditioning shampoo in a pot Honey Bee BB Demon In The Dark soap Alkmaar soap bit of Bohemian sample for my cousin max: Big Calm Jelly Big Blue BB Marathon BBS big sample of Bohemian good sample of Ice...
  14. Chic 2k6

    Candy Pink FOTD

    i purchased some new earrings yesterday and i decided to use it as an inspiration for my look. i used colours that i've neglected lol. my face is pretty glittery because i forgot to dust off my 182 brush (i used it as a dusting brush for Lush Candy Fluff Powder which is glittery) so woops lol...
  15. Chic 2k6

    Moss Green EOTD

    I was looking through my makeup box and decided to experiment a bit more on the greens so i created this look it reminded me of moss lol I Used (all MAC unless stated): Bare Canvas paint for base Steamy e/s in inner V Bronze e/s in outer V Humid e/s on top of Bronze and into the crease...
  16. Chic 2k6

    Horrible example of animal cruelty

    Quoted from another site Quote: I found out about this on DeviantArt where someone else (a Hungarian citizen) is trying to get this petition signed by as many people as possible. The reason for the petition is that there is a person in Hungary that made a film and entered it in a...
  17. Chic 2k6

    Green with envy with a hint of mint

    Went out for my mom's birthday dinner last night so i wore green also first time lining the waterline (almost) with a different colour All MAC unless stated Eyes: Base Light paint for base Aquavert e/s over lid Juxt e/s in crease and a bit in outer V Blacktrack f/l Rimmel Volume Flash...
  18. Chic 2k6

    A Mistake with the Cherry Tree EOTD

    this one is really old lol from December last year. it's called a mistake EOTD because i was putting on fluidline and i put it on too thick and scrunched my eyes which left an imprint on my eyelids so here it is, sorry for fuzzyish pics. I think it was alright, nothing totally WOW or outthere...
  19. Chic 2k6

    Friday Night Out FOTN

    went out to watch Morph play at a pub near me, they're pretty awesome and had a chat with one of the guitarists and handed him a CD of Morph photos that I did when i saw them at the BMAD show, as they were interested in having the piccies I used (all MAC unless stated) Eyes: Canton Candy...
  20. Chic 2k6

    Mintastic Haul

    Went shopping on Friday. In the pouring rain lol i had no coat and wrestled with a brolly that was threatening to flip inside out because of high winds here's my haulage: From Lush: Haaganbath Bath Bomb x 2 Black Pearl Bath Bombs The Comforter Bubble Bar decent sized sample of Coolaulin...