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  1. LinzBelle

    MAC Artist Discount

    I was just curious, how much of a discount does a Mac Employee get? I have heard 60%, is that true?? I really want to get a job with MAC at Nordies or Macy's. I called and they said that that you need experience to work there. I know I would be a great saleperson, everyone I put makeup on is...
  2. LinzBelle

    I have $200 with a prodiscount

    What should I get at the SF Union Square Pro Store for my b-day? I have alot of brown matte eyeshadow, shimmery purples, some pinks, greens, blues, and a little lipstick and some lip glasses. What are some to die for product that I should add to my kit?
  3. LinzBelle

    How to re-shape your brushes

    There used to be a video on YouTube how to do this, but it was with brush that a manicurist use to put acrylic on your nails. Anyhoo, I tried it with my mangled lip brush (it as by MAC too!) and success!! 1. Get your brushes together that have lost their form or you would like to re-shape...
  4. LinzBelle

    Vacaville, CA CCO (Vacaville Premium Outlets)

    Anyone Looking for Lip tint toons? They have the entire line at CCS in the Vacaville Premium outlets. As well as the purple palette of lips/shimmer stuff. Not sure off the name.
  5. LinzBelle

    Suggestions for lipstick shopping?

    It's B2Mac time again and this time I'm turning in a whopping 36 pots. But I'm clueless as to what lipsticks to get. I'm always nervous they'll turn out yucky on me. I'm a big Lip laquer and lip gloss gal (i could just eat the lip gelees!) I've already have Russian Red, Girl About Town...
  6. LinzBelle

    Stop searching for d/c shades! Have THEM find it for you!

    Estee Lauder has a program to find discontinued shade (not LE ones though sorry) It's called the Gone But Not Forgotten Program's available for all EL brands.
  7. LinzBelle

    Makeup Cabinet

    We all have large makeup collections, How do you store them? Mine has outgrown a large train case. Does anyone has any ideas for cabinent/vanity plans designed for makeup? Do you have neat plastic bins that work well for storage? If so, where did you get them? I really need to organize my...
  8. LinzBelle

    Excellent recipe for Lip Exfoliator

    :sangel:Here is my recipe for a lip exfoliater:sangel: 1 part cocoa butter 2 parts sugar For chapped lips exfoliate twice a day. After each treatment cover lips with a rich lip balm (i just use more cocoa butter). Your lips will be so soft in a few days. Do not melt in microwave, the sugar...
  9. LinzBelle

    "Little VI" Lipglass

    A hint of the new Viva Glam VI lipstick?? Or had this been around for awhile?
  10. LinzBelle

    Removing Liquidlast eyeliner

    What is the best eye makeup remover. I always used creamy baby oil. But it can't remove the new liquidlast liner. Any drug store brand suggestions?
  11. LinzBelle

    Similar Colors

    Is Lavender Sky a better reformulated version of Stars & Rockets??
  12. LinzBelle


    OK here's my story. I've tried alot to lose weight and I very obese. I dont' want to go all in my history because we as a nation have a short attention span and don't want to read a thousand word post. But, I'm on Depakote for Epilepsy and was taking ridiculous amounts which made my weight...