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  1. Dark_Phoenix

    Black to Bright Orangey Red

    I dyed my hair again. After having black for over a year I wanted to lighter. Here's how it went down: First time it was stripped I had it done at a salon that has mostly Arab clients. I'd gone there before for cuts and dyes (black) and had good results. Not this time. First strip left my...
  2. Dark_Phoenix

    Happy 18th to Me FOTD

    Finally eighteen!!! Face: Too Faced Carribean in a Compact MAC Fafi Verv-acious IPP MAC Golden bronzer Eyes: Shiseido Eye/Brow Compact in Dark Brown Shiseido Desert Winds quad MAC Bare Study paint pot MAC Plushlash Lips: Dior Ultra Addict Shine Lipstick 142 (Shiniest Meringue)
  3. Dark_Phoenix

    NC Fafi Haul (with pics!)

    Was in North Carolina for a short visit (taking care of some stuffs from my secondary school) and went to the MAC counter. Fafi Quad 1 Cash Flow paint pot Fresco Rose paint pot Studio Fix Powder NC15 Hipness blush Virvacious irredescent pressed powder Snowgirl lipglass Pink Poodle lipglass...
  4. Dark_Phoenix

    Eyeshadow & Lipstick Recs

    I really love the texture and color of Shirley Manson's eyeshadow/eyeliner in this picture and also the lipstick she's wearing. Anyone know what they are or similar products? (click to enlarge)
  5. Dark_Phoenix

    Lip Conditioner Stick vs Lip Treatment

    Is there a different between the lip conditioner stick and the lip treatment (that comes in the "bullet" lip case)? If so, what?
  6. Dark_Phoenix

    Pink lipstick swatches

    some swatches of pinks
  7. Dark_Phoenix

    Bad skin on celebs

    So I was browsing Milla Jovovich's website and just looking at different pics of her. And found two that were taken within the same year: Air brushed and pretty (click to enlarge). And here you can tell she is definately a smoker. She's written about it in her blog before and it clearly...
  8. Dark_Phoenix

    Milla Jovovich Tutorial

    I'm like a huge Milla Jovovich fan (Fifth Element, Resident Evil, Ultraviolet, and every other movie she's done). She can't act well but she's so pretty!!! Tutorial inspired by the below ad: I'm going to use the Milla's Blues Quad (American version that I got in some airport over x-mas)...
  9. Dark_Phoenix

    Bahraini Barbie FOTD

    Went to a party, had my hair done, did my own MU (since I do it better than the MA's I know here), and am wearing this uber cute hot pink dress with silver heels. (my brother called me the subject title as soon as he saw the pink dress, lmao) I got back a little while ago and my feet huuurt...
  10. Dark_Phoenix

    How to say goodbye?

    How do I say good bye to my boyfriend? I'm going to the UK for university this autumn but I'm moving over this summer. We're still really close and I know I'm going to miss him but I also know this is a once in a lifetime chance that I can not give up. I think he'll understand, I told him a...
  11. Dark_Phoenix

    Slenderize Gloss

    FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss Quote: What it is: A super shiny lip gloss inspired by Fuze energy drinks that energizes and slenderizes. What it does: Quench your thirst for a beauty buzz with FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Gloss. Infused with the healthy, delicious fruit flavors...
  12. Dark_Phoenix

    Delayed Muscle Soreness

    What do you do to stop delayed muscle soreness? I've begun weight training, cycling, and running. All indoors. I started exercising again because I really, really want to try doing a triathalon with my boyfriend this summer (May). So I've been doing about an hour on the bike or cycle...
  13. Dark_Phoenix

    Gifts of beauty

    Are you giving any cosmetics or skin care for Chistmas or Hannukah? Do you want/did you ask for any? I asked my parents for Chance Eau Fraîche by Chanel and MAC brushes. I got Dior make-up for some of my cousins (like the accesories).Also purchased Opium Parfum for my grandmother, it's the...
  14. Dark_Phoenix

    Parisian Haul (w/ pics)

    We had a ten hour layover in Orly, sooo we went shopping XD I went skiing with a group of my cousins yesterday, I can ski but insisted on using a snowboard (which I barely know how to use)... big mistake. I kept falling on my butt. Make-Up + Ski Dubai = Awesome end to my week Innocent...
  15. Dark_Phoenix

    Angry at Square Enix

    This is a shallow, borderline non-sensical (is that a word?) video game rant. Just a warning. So my favorite video game of all time is Parasite Eve. I've read the book, played the game, the sequel, cosplayed as the game's villain (Melissa Pearce/Eve, same character on my avatar), and have a...
  16. Dark_Phoenix

    Christmas and other Holiday Foods!

    What are your favorite Christmas or other holiday foods? I love panettone, pandoro, mulled wine, Christmas logs and anything that involves sugar.
  17. Dark_Phoenix

    How much do they primp?

    How much does your significant other primp? Is he/she more high maintenance than you are? My boyfriend had shoulder length light blonde hair... he came over to my house today with it chopped to chin length and dyed/toned WHITE. I was shocked, it's not even platinum blonde. It's pure white. I...
  18. Dark_Phoenix

    I Love You FOTD

    And I forgot to tell you "I love you", and the night’s too long and cold here without you I grieve in my condition for I cannot find the strength to say I need you so Eyes: Bare Canvas pp Holiday '07 Smokey Palette Plushlash black Face: Burt's Bees Plum Blushing Creme Jane Nearly...
  19. Dark_Phoenix

    A confession - I like Céline Dion

    I really love listening to her music!! My mother took me to a concert of hers in 1999 and I've been hooked ever since :X Saw the show in Vegas twice, and I just bought tickets to her "Taking Chances Tour" when she's in Dubai. I think that if my heart could write songs they'd sound like...
  20. Dark_Phoenix

    I'm Such a Loser

    We were on the couch watching Bridget Jones's Diary (it was my choice, I watched XXX 2 with him earlier in the week) in his apartment, snow is coming down, and it's the really romantic part at the end when Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth kiss in the snow. So we kind of start to make out... and I...