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  1. SubwayDreaming

    Ulta scraps Canadian expansion plans

    Thought I would share this article with my fellow Canadian makeup lovers. CBC: U.S. cosmetics chain Ulta scraps Canadian expansion plans
  2. SubwayDreaming

    L'Occitane Skincare

    Has anyone ever tried L'Occitane skincare? I was thinking of trying some of the Peony Skin Perfector products, but I'm hesitant to take the plunge. Currently using all Paula's Choice at the moment, which I am happy with, but always looking for something new, different or better. :)
  3. SubwayDreaming

    Foreo - Luna

    Has anyone tried the Luna yet? It sounds like an alternative to the Clarisonic, and looks intriguing.
  4. SubwayDreaming

    Hair Relaxer?

    Have any of you ladies ever used a relaxer in your hair? I’m just wondering what the results have been. It is something you would recommend? My hair is quite thick and very inconsistent – there are some random waves, some curly bits, and a few straight pieces. I have tried wearing it...
  5. SubwayDreaming

    New MAC Signature Tote

    Has anyone seen the new MAC signature tote in person? It's $47.50 Cdn, and I'm not sure if it's worth it for a canvas bag. Available online only, so we can't check it out in store.