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  1. Corvs Queen

    Help with Bridesmaid makeup please.

    So, I am in a wedding in June and I need help with some makeup recs for this dress. In the color WATERMELON. I am warm toned with Green eyes and Auburn hair. I will have a little bit of a fake bake by then but I need recs on shadows, blush and lipstick/gloss. Any and all brands welcome...
  2. Corvs Queen

    Face & Body Color Rec?

    I have light skin with yellowish undertones. I wear NC 15 in Studio Fix Powder and Light in MAC's new Tinted Moisturizer. So, what color do you think I would be in Face and Body? Help please.
  3. Corvs Queen

    I want Clinique GWP here in Europe!!!!!!!

    So yeah, being American, I know what Clinique GWP are like. They have some cool little goodies and neat-o travel size thingies. Here in Europe though, we don't get GWP. I spend a crap load on Clinique. Mainly my three step and I think that it's crap that 1)They over charge us here in Europe and...
  4. Corvs Queen

    Anyone want to join me???

    So yeah, Julia had been hosting a chat earlier and I had to leave to eat dinner so I would like to continue to chat. So, if you want you can find me here.TinyChat Yeah, I wish that Specktra had a chat feature. That would rock my socks.
  5. Corvs Queen

    Smaller font all of a sudden

    So everything has gotten smaller on my page. I mean everything. I came on last night and it was smaller than normal. Is there a way that I can make it like it was? Make it to where I don't have to squint to read? Help please.
  6. Corvs Queen

    Your perfect pizza.

    So yeah, I love pizza. I like mine with extra sauce, pepperoni, black olives, banana peppers, jalapenos, tomato and garlic. Yum. But don't get me wrong, I would never turn down a veggie pizza (minus the mushrooms) or a nice Hawaiian pizza with little ham and lots of pineapple. So my question...
  7. Corvs Queen

    Where are you from and where are you at???

    So yeah, I think about this a lot. I am originally from Western North Carolina but I now live in Tirol, Austria. I always wonder about where people originate from and where they have migrated to over the years. I know that I am not the only one. I just thought that this would be a cute little...
  8. Corvs Queen

    I'm off to the Hello Kitty release party in Munich.

    Just thought I would stop by before I head down the road. I will take some pictures and have them up tomorrow or the day after. If anyone here see's me there, please come say hello. I will have a pink flower in my hair. Later gators!
  9. Corvs Queen

    Is it possible to lose 40#s in 5 months?

    I would be doing cardio and weights 5 days a week. Eating 1200 calories and drink nothing but water. I am 5'9'' and I was at 157 when I got married and a size 8. I would like to go from 192 to 150 or 155. I don't really care about size. I want to feel fit again and I have a family history of...
  10. Corvs Queen

    How do you apply your Studio Fix powder?

    Do you use the sponge? Do you use a buffer brush? A fluffy brush? I need help. Oh, and I hate Fix + so I prefer recs that skip it. Thanks!
  11. Corvs Queen

    New Shampoo and Conditioner recs please.

    So yeah, I used Herbal Essences for like forever and a day and now it seems that it's weighing my hair down. I know that my hair is clean but I looks kind of flat and bland these days. I hate Garnier, Loreal and any thing that's thick, strong in smell or has a lot of ingredients. I like clean...
  12. Corvs Queen

    Will there be a Glam Soup Episode tonight???

    Just wondering.
  13. Corvs Queen

    New MAC Counter in Innsbruck, Austria!!!!!

    So, the hubby, Liam and I were walking the Maria Theresien strasse and as we were passing Douglas, I noticed that they had a MAC counter. They said they had been there since August. WOOHOO!!! So, this is just a heads up for the ladies in the surrounding area. Oh, feel free to message me if you...
  14. Corvs Queen

    Crazy puppy cloning lady.

    Cloned puppies may have exposed 31-year mystery - Yahoo! News I know her. She's from my hometown. Sad but true. I hope she's punished for her crimes. Discuss.
  15. Corvs Queen

    Two and a half weeks from hell!!!

    So, these past two and half weeks have been complete and utter crap! First I had a horrible chest cold that had me completely drained. I mean even more drained than normal. I was a complet snot machine. Lovely I know! Then on Thursday Florian and I were both hit with the Rotavirus. We had the...
  16. Corvs Queen

    Not so new

    Okay, so I don't recall doing one of these. I've been here for years so I thought I would take the time to introduce myself. My name is Chrissy and I am originally from North Carolina. I moved to Austria in 2004 to marry a man that I met on a Billy Corgan forum. We had never met in person before...
  17. Corvs Queen

    Indoxyl, Duac or Clindoxyl anyone?????

    I went to the Dermatologist Thursday and she said I have thin, sensitive skin with mild acne. She prescribed a specially mixed cleansing milk for washing morning and evenings, a specially mixed cream for day and evening and Indoxyl for my T-zone and spot treatment of acne. I use the Indoxyl...
  18. Corvs Queen

    MAC All Stars

    So I've noticed some permanent products are really popular with the masses more so than others. Or All Star status if you will. Some that I have picked up on are: Bare Slimshine Dollymix Blush Love Nectar Lustreglass Blacktrack Fluidline What are some permanent products that you have noticed...
  19. Corvs Queen

    I wanna live in ___________!

    So yeah, if you could live anywhere, where would it be. Recently I have been bitten by Brit bug so I would like to live in London. But I will always be a North Carolina girl at heart so I would also like to move back to western N.C. More exactly, Asheville. I miss it so much! I was never really...
  20. Corvs Queen

    Favorite Bands.

    So, what bands (BANDS, not singers or groups who don't play their own music) do you like as most you know here I adore the Smashing Pumpkins. I also really like the Cure, The Dandy Warhols, The Editors, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, Kings of Leon, The Beatles, Pete Yorn. And I do consider Pete Yorn...