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  1. mrsf10

    Makeup Artist Studio out of VA, has anyone used them?

    ok, so i signed up throught to take their basic class in person, and their pro class online, and ive taken one class in the pro, and now theres too many people in the class for me to be in...? IDK, it seems scammy to me. and they use oovoo to do the online classes...
  2. mrsf10

    Morphe Brushes..?

    ...has anyone heard of these? or used these?? i need good brushes, and i simply cannot invest in MAC ones at the moment :/ I've seen the sigma's and heard they are good..but stumbled upon the morphe site, and figured I'd ask on here!! the studio and...
  3. mrsf10

    so, my husband is not the brighest crayon in the box.

    last weekend, he let a stranger into our home, she was selling some type of cleaning product, when i was not home, to use our bathroom. the downstairs 1/2 br to be exact. which happens to be my 'getting ready'/'makeup crackhead room'. WELL, this trashy little B, who was going door to door in our...
  4. mrsf10

    Newbie here from VA!! Hey ya'll!! :]

    Hi lovelies!! Im Lisa, and Im a newbie here!! I've loved makeup my whole life, and I am taking mua classes next month, Im sooo super excited!!! I'm looking forward to exploring the site, and learning stuff!! xo
  5. mrsf10


    so I was new at the time to MAC and buying it...UGH im so dumb, well after reading this site for hours(LOL) i found out my 5 pigments ive bought from the the seller redbluestar are fakes. they have the spout inside..what can i do on ebay to get my money back! i just did the 'report items'...