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  1. ShexyKristin

    Purple Video Tutorial!

    I haven't made any youtube videos for awhile so I made a few! Here's the purple tutorial I did. There are more videos if you want to check those out as well. CC is welcome! Link - YouTube - Purple smokey-ish tutorial (Part 1 of 2 )
  2. ShexyKristin

    Got myself a little something while Christmas shopping

    So I went Christmas shopping yesterday and I stopped by the MAC counter hehe. I got Finery: Tan for my mom and few goodies for me as well hehe.
  3. ShexyKristin

    MAC Prep n Prime or Sephora Photofinish?

    Which of these primers are better? I want good mattifying power and stay power.
  4. ShexyKristin

    Stylistics at counters?

    I searched for this I couldn't find anything so I thought I'd just post. Is the new Stylistics line available at MAC counters?
  5. ShexyKristin

    Mixing medium alts?

    Since I have no access to Pro products, I need something else I can use for mixing medium.
  6. ShexyKristin

    Swimming, Humid and Big T love! <3

    Haha I took these this morning before school and my little sister wanted to pose in some so that's who the little munchkin is. :P Face: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer MAC SFF in NC20 Peachykeen and Trace Gold powder blushes Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion MAC Bare Canvas Paint Humid eyeshadow...
  7. ShexyKristin

    Purple-y FOTD

    I used my new purple colors. Sorry about my hair it's still about wet and my brows are needing a trip to the salon. :P FACE: Smashbox Photo Finish MAC SFF in NC20 Peachykeen blush Trace Gold and Honour blushes EYES: UDPP Bare Canvas Paint Creme de Violet e/s Hepcat e/s Nocturnelle e/s Electra...
  8. ShexyKristin

    Age you have to be?

    Are there certain age restrictions or any requirements for working at a MAC counter? I need details people.
  9. ShexyKristin

    McQueen at counters?

    Will the Alexander McQueen collection be carried at MAC counters as well? (I only have a counter in The Bay near me) I haven't seen anything lately...
  10. ShexyKristin

    MAC and accessories haul! *Pics!*

    I did some good shopping today and I wanted to hare my goodies. I needed some purple eye shadows so hehe I got a few. Also wanted to try the new lipsticks MAC has and they are Matte colors. Very nice, I want to get another one! I needed a few accessories too and when I went into Etcetera they...
  11. ShexyKristin

    My first two tutorials [video, link]

    Here are two tutorials I did for some of the girls on my forum who are getting more into the makeup scene. I was nervous so bear with me, it was a little weird just talking to a camera. Anyway here they are. Some of my fav brushes Some of my fav products
  12. ShexyKristin

    Where to buy empty pans?

    If you want to press your own pigments into pans, where do you get the empty pans that fit into the MAC palette?
  13. ShexyKristin

    Shopping again :D

    Hehe so Dylan (my boyfriend) and I were in the city today because he had to get Halo 3 and I had to mail some stuff out. I swung by MAC and picked up a few things! LOVE the new stuff!
  14. ShexyKristin

    eBay seller: *letsmakeup1*?

    Has anyone bought items from *letsmakeup1* before or knows if they're a good seller?
  15. ShexyKristin

    Making tutorial videos?

    How do you guys edit and make the videos? Is it hard? I want to start but it's the video thing that's got me scared. :P
  16. ShexyKristin

    A few more essentials

    I went shopping again today and stopped by the MAC counter and picked up a few essentials. <3 I've been using Smashbox's Caviar eyeliner but It doesn't stay on that well so, of course, I got FluidLine. The blushes are so much fun! Hooray!
  17. ShexyKristin

    Black Tied, Goldmine and Humid FOTD

    Sorry about the crappy photos, I got a new green eyeshadow just a few days ago and I decided to try it out today! I used Humid all aver the lid with Black Tied in the crease and corners then some Goldmine on the inside corners plus vanilla pigment to hi-light. These pictures do NOT do justice...
  18. ShexyKristin

    Best makeup remover

    So I have oily skin and once the day is done I feel like I break out just because of all the crap thats been on my face all day. What is something that it great for getting all that crap off? And then something for cleaning to make sure your face is nice and clean? Thanks a million gals.
  19. ShexyKristin

    I 'needed' more? :P

    My boyfriend Dylan and I went shopping yesterday because he needed a new headset for Xbox 360 haha and I just had some money so, of course, wanted to take a peek at the MAC counter. This is what I picked up: I've been using drugstore foundation because thats what I had on hand, and it's not...
  20. ShexyKristin

    Are these pigments fake?

    I heard about people getting fake MAC stuff online and I was wondering if you guys think one's like this are fake? I bought some just like this from the same seller. Eek