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  1. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Apologies from MAC Cosmetics Online.

    MAC sent me this email.. and I thought I would pass it along just incase if any of you didn't get it! If you haven't done so already, please add ([email protected]) to your address book to ensure you continue to receive special email to your inbox...
  2. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    MAC Slimshine

    I don't know if this has been posted... but can someone tell me what color the model is wearing in the promo? I'm not quite sure if its "Urgent!" -- but whatever one it is... I LOVE IT!! TIA
  3. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Beckham move to U.S. to be reality show (GIVE ME A BREAK!!)

    Good Lord... what they won't do for money.. or being in the spotlight. OY VEY.
  4. Viva_la_MAC_Girl


    They made it!! These things are so damn neat!!! I had to call the delivery guys back because they forgot to turn on the damn! I couldn't move these things if I wanted to! I am so happy they are finally here!~ They might look like they are orange in the pic.. but they are not...
  5. Viva_la_MAC_Girl


    So I went to El Centro, CA today they have a MAC Counter and I decided on getting 2 sets of the eyeshadows and BP, & Blushes... I have a order online with MAC Eyeshadows: Beauty Burst - I won't use it - collection sake Playful - Collection Sake Magic Dust x2 Whistle X2 Springtime Skipper...
  6. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Barbie Makeup

    I'm curious to know, are you going to use it (because its embossed/logos) well most of it is... or are you going to keep it boxed up? I thought about getting another set just to have it for collection sake and keep one for use.
  7. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Mary J. Blige

    Did anyone happen to catch her on the Grammys tonight? Wow. She blew me away! You could totally feel the emotion in her performance. She was amazing.
  8. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    MAC Mystery

    My friend gave me a lipstick and the color is "Deep Plum" it has a # (9C261) instead of a finish. I have been collecting MAC for awhile, but I never seen this lipstick before. So I was hoping someone could shed light on this mystery and tell me when this color came out? I did a search on...
  9. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    My Maddness..

    pays off!!! Most of you know that we ordered the LG Tromm washer and dryer... I ordered them Jan 9th - here it is .. Feb 6th. They were supposed to be here 10-14 days prior to me ordering them. Well they call me on the 19th, and said they were here and when can they deliver them gave...
  10. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    What is Your Favorite Quad?

    I have 3, out of the ones that I have and I would have to say I really love Boudior Hues Thunder Eyes Corps De Couleur Which ones are yours?
  11. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Call Me Crazy...

    I am sitting here watching the Golden Globes.. and a Target commercial comes on ... does anyone else think they have snazzy commercials?? I love the music that they
  12. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Grease: You're The One That I Want

    I am such a musical nut.. and I love this show!! I don't know if anyone else is watching it.. I just wanted to see if I wasn't the only one
  13. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Paula Lost Her Mind...LOL

    I don't know what the hell is wrong with her - but this sure is funny!!
  14. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Gadget Junkie....

    ( Yes i'm a gadget junkie ) Have you seen the new iPhone??? OMG.... I love Apple products anyway... but damn they just keep crankin out the gadget's!!! I actually watched the Keynote Address.. impressive.
  15. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    My New Babies...

    Our dryer died and it was time to get a new set - they were 10 years old! So I did some homework and we have been looking around at differnt stores and Consumer Report and we did narrow it down to 2 - the HE4T Elite Kenmore ( color -Sedona ) and the LG one @ Home Depot. Well what finally sold...
  16. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Sample MSF's?

    I was looking on Ebay .. and I saw this... Its a sample MSF doesn't that mess up the "effect" of the MSF?
  17. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Who Knew....

    They were having trouble???
  18. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Eyelash Transplants

    Check this out!!! Only 3k an eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lol) :brow::brow::brow::brow:
  19. Viva_la_MAC_Girl


    Where can you buy this stuff at the drugstore? Or just online? My niece would love this stuff!!!!
  20. Viva_la_MAC_Girl

    Insured M*A*C

    Something to "ponder". I know alot of us have spent quite a bit of $$ on our MAC Collections ( and other m/u as well ) is your collection insured? Whether or not you have homeowners or renters insurance, you can get in insured! I have mine insured with State Farm... at first the lady...