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  1. jamiemeng

    Mac Store in Pasadena

    hi guys, I was wondering if anyone have been to the mac store in Pasadena. Thx
  2. jamiemeng

    mac D'Bohemia appointments

    hi guys, i went to Nordstrom on Saturday and booked a appointment for D'Bohemia on the 14th of may at 5:00 p.m. I would like to hear what dates in may you guys are gonna go get D'Bohemia. Thx
  3. jamiemeng

    My first Live Chat

    Hi guys! Today I had my first mac live chat. I was amazed to speak with a amazing MA. Here's our conversation. Info: Please hold for one of our Artists to respond. Info:Hello. Thank you for your interest in M·A·C Cosmetics. My name is Marci. How may I assist you? jamie: hi I am looking for a...
  4. jamiemeng

    Mac Pro stores

    hi guys, I need some of your suggestions about the mac pro stores. I have never gonna in a real mac pro store. What's it like in there. THx
  5. jamiemeng

    Ben Nye Makeup

    where can you get ben nye makeup. I am just asking. Thx
  6. jamiemeng

    Cirque Du soleil

    hey guys. Bravo channel is having a Cirque a thon from Friday to Sunday of this week on Direct tv. The only Cirque du soleil I did see was Varekai(2003) which was on yesterday at 9:00-11:00 p.m. I was amazed what the people do in those shows. I want go to see Cirque du soleil when I am older...
  7. jamiemeng

    Nose Piercing should I get one

    should I get my nose pierced since I am 18. My dad keeps saying no. Thx
  8. jamiemeng

    Help: Blue Peep Fluidline

    groupie I am having a hard time using blue peep fluidline as a base along with aquadisiac e/s. can you give me some suggestions on how I can do blue peep on my eyes just like yours. Thx
  9. jamiemeng

    BluePeep Fluidline

    hi guys, will BluePeep fluidline be available in a couple of months so that I can purchase it. Thx
  10. jamiemeng


    hi guys, I need your opinions on fluidliners. i dont know which ones are suitable for me. Since I have brown eyes and am fairskinned. Thanks
  11. jamiemeng

    eyeshadow brush

    hi guys, I need to know where I can find a eyeshadow brush that is less expensive than MAC's. Thanks
  12. jamiemeng

    Pigment Recs

    I need your guys opinion on pigment. I really dont know which pigment is suitable for me. I did get some sample of some pigment from last year. Its gone already. The pigment that I got was red but when I put it on my face it is gold. What are some of your suggestions. thanks
  13. jamiemeng

    Electric eel e/s

    I need your guys opinion, is electric eel eyeshadow suitable for me. since I am fairskinned and have brown eyes. Thanks
  14. jamiemeng

    15 pan palette

    hey girls, I am wondering about buying a 15 pan palette from a MAC store. The nearest MAC store is in Brea CA. How much is the 15 pan palette gonna cost me. Thanks so much. I really do appericate it a lot.
  15. jamiemeng

    Hot SnowPrincess Look! (Purple)

    this look is good on you. Thanks
  16. jamiemeng

    Too Faced Fantasy Island

    it is very pretty. Thanks
  17. jamiemeng

    JLo look, without the latino face

    you always look good in mac makeup.Thanks
  18. jamiemeng

    FOTD with Gorgeous Gold, Surreal, Contrast, Impish...

    it looks beautiful on you. Thanks