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  1. AlohaGirl

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked about Coco Beach....

    how much do you think a 1/2 jar of Coco Beach is worth for swapping? I'm just curious as I'm thinking of swapping mine to someone who is going to do a CP for me. Thanks!
  2. AlohaGirl

    My husband felt guilty and called me from the MAC counter and took my "order" haul :)

    yes, he actually called me from the MAC counter and bought me some stuff-with our 2 year old! - Stippling # 187 -Blush/Powder Brush # 129 -Belightful -Blot Powder It's kind of on the boring side, but I'm happy!
  3. AlohaGirl

    Hi, I'm new here :)

    Hello, I just want to say hi and introduce myself. Wow, I'm glad I came across another makeup site. I'm AlohaGirl01 on MUA and have been on there since 2003. So, hello!