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  1. Cinammonkisses

    Hiring MUA who uses Drugstore Products??

    Hi! So I need some feedback and recommendations. I'm getting married next month and need a mua to apply my makeup. I could do it myself, but want one less thing to stress about on my day. Anyway, an associate of mine has started her career as a mua for a little over a year now. Anyway, we were...
  2. Cinammonkisses

    What color is she + I need bridal makeup ideas

    Ladies please help! I've been running around like a chicken with her head cut off. My cousin has now asked me to do her makeup for her wedding. I have no problem with that (eventhough I'd be much more comfy hiring my MUA friend) Anywho, I need some suggestions on what color my cuz is, and...
  3. Cinammonkisses

    Do you bleach your eyebrows?

    Iv'e been thinking of bleaching my eyebrows for some time now. I always see the celebs with the most gorgeous eyebrows and I'd like to obtain something similar. Are there any products that you ladies use, or any that I should avoid?
  4. Cinammonkisses

    Curious about MAC Samples..(Bought on ebay)

    I'm considering buying from this seller on Ebay. I want to try out samples before I splurge and spend money on shadows that I could possibly never wear again. Anywho, does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) with seller: missbugga
  5. Cinammonkisses

    Inspired in Ohio...

    Hi all! I'm a new member to this site and I'm excited that I have found it! I've been trying to dabble into makeup here and there but I cant' get the hang of it. Hopefully after looking into some tutorials and practicing I'll become alot better. Peace and blessings, CK