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  1. applefrite

    Cool Heat by Me !

    Hello everybody ! I love e/s of Cool Heat by the shades but the textures are very hard to work on lid ! Products I used : Teint : Terracotta n°1 de Guerlain MSF Glissade sur les joues Mac Eyes : All Mac only khol . Eyesbrows shadow Porcelain / Brownie e/s Solar White hight light e/s...
  2. applefrite

    First Sun !!!!

    Hello Ladies !!!! Yesterday I take the sun for the first time because before the weather was very ugly ! Products I used : Face : Bronzer Light Bobbi Brown Blush Hipness Mac Eyes : Only Mac without waterline Eyebrows shadow Porcelain / Brownie e/s Creme Royale hightlight and inner...
  3. applefrite

    Green Light !!!!

    Hello !!!!! This my makeup !!! I am very proud of this mu ! And you what do you think about ? Face : Concealer Intensive Fair EM FDT Fairly Light et Multi -Tasking EM Silk Dust EM Terracotta n°1 Guerlain Blush Sunbasque Mac BP Blush Joyous Mac on Sunbasque Eyes : All Mac Eyebrows shadow...
  4. applefrite

    Violet Eyes and Fushia Lips inspired by MonroemissFit !

    Good evening girls ! This morning I would try a tut by Monroe MissFit , a girl very beautiful and funny of Youtube ! I love piggie Violet with and without minxing medium and I love too e/s Star 'n' Rockets because the both on me = green eyes ! Link to the tutorial : YouTube - electro...
  5. applefrite

    2 looks with Solar Bits and Brown !

    Hello everybody ! Yesterday I used my Solar Bits I fall in love them . I bought all Products : Face : Concealer Intensive Fair EM FDT Fairly Light et Multi-Tasking EM Silk Dust EM Bronzer Beauty Escape Lancaster Solar Bits Scattarays under the blush Mac Blush Hipness Mac Eyes : Mac...
  6. applefrite

    Solar Bits / Facks Eyelashes / Sunny Colors

    Hello Guys this is my mu's today , I use my news products of Neo Sci Fi and Solar Field ! Products : Face : Concealer Intensive Fair EM FDT Fairy Light et Multi-Tasking EM Silk Dust EM Bronzer Terracotta n°1 Guerlain Blush Miami Beach Cargo Eyes , Mac unless precised Brows shadow...
  7. applefrite

    Pink Pearl ' Star !!!!!

    Hello everybody ! Today I used Pink Pearl and blue shadows like Bell Bottom Blue in the crease and Contrast for the outer corner . My blush is BP Blush True Romantic and my bronzer is Light of Bobbi Brown . I wear EM's foundation . Lips are : l/s Milan Mode and Dazzleglass Funtabulous ...
  8. applefrite

    Olive and Orange !

    Hello everybody , this is my look today !!! Face : Concealer Intensive Fair EM FDT Fairy Light et Multi-Tasking EM Finishing Powder Silk Dust EM Blush Fleurry Mac Eyes : All Mac E/s eyebrows Porcelain / Brownie e/s Ricepaper high light Paint Pot Moss Scape primer lid e/s Springtime Skipper...
  9. applefrite

    Heatherette !!!

    Hello , I'm back once again !!!! Today I love my heatherette trio n°1 Teint : FDT Select Tint NW20 Cache-cernes NW20 Poudre libre Pale Yellow BB Blush Style Poudre pressée nacrée Sassed-Up par dessus Style Yeux : Fard poudre sourcils Porcelain / Brownie Palette Heatherette trio n°1...
  10. applefrite

    C-Shock Rainbow

    Hello !!!! Today I wear the eyeshadows of C-Shock collection !!!! I do the tutorial of Dita : YouTube - A RAINBOW C-SHOCK tutorial for summer by Dita Teint : FDT Select Tint NW20 Mac Poudre libre Pale Yellow BB Poudre bronzante light BB Blush Cactus Flower Nars Poudre illuminatrice Chocolat...
  11. applefrite

    Sweet Plum-Lilac

    Hello everybody !!!! Today I love the look of sweetness : More photographies on : KISSES !!!!
  12. applefrite

    I play with my UD Deluxe !!!!!

    Hello everybody !!!! Today the weather is beautiful with a lot of sun . I took my UD Deluxe to a look very bright : More FOTD on my blog : XOXOXOXOXOXO APPLE XOXOXOXOXOXO
  13. applefrite

    My 3 last looks

    Hello !!!! My 3 last looks here : And more on my blog : XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Apple
  14. applefrite

    Violet adventure !!!

    Hello Everybody !!! Today I would like green eyes and i took my violet's eyeshadows !! Face : FDT Select Tint NW20 Select moisture cover NW20 Loose Powder Pale Yellow Bronzer Light Blush Petalpoint BP Blush Shy Beauty on blush Petalpoint Eyes : Eyebrows Porcelain / Brownie e/s...
  15. applefrite

    Parrot and me !!!

    Hello everybody ! Face : Select Tint NW 20 Moisture Cover NW 20 Powder Pale Yellow Sculpt and Shape Bone Beige / Emphasize Blush Style Eyes : Eyebrows powder Porcelain / Brownie e/s Cloudbound hightlight e/s Parrot on lid e/s Clue crease e/s Velvet Lady outer crease Fluidline Blacktrack...
  16. applefrite

    Passionate ,Orange et Rocking Chick !!

    Hello !!! This my makeup !!! Face : Powder Bronzer L'Oréal Blush Cactus Flower Nars Eyes : Brows Shader Porcelain / Brownie Mac e/s Rose Blanc hightlight Mac e/s ME Orange 250 Shu Uemura e/s Passsionate Mac big crease and outter v e/s Springtime Skipper Fluidline Blacktrack Mac Zoom...
  17. applefrite

    Blue-Grey with pink lips !! So delicious !

    Hello ! This my makeup of the day . I love my blendings and the choice of colors . I am a bit proud for this makeup Face : Bronzer for Blondes L'Oreal Blush Dollymix Eyes : Brow Shader Porcelain / Brownie e/s Crystal Avalanche hightlight e/s Tilt on lid e/s Knight Divine after Tilt...
  18. applefrite

    Shimmermoss , Mulch and Copperclast !

    Hello ! This is my yesterday makeup ! Face : Bronzer L'Oreal Blush Miami Beach Cargo Eyes : Brow Shader Porcelain / Brownie Mac Highlight e/s Rose Blanc Mac e/s Shimmermoss on s/s Sea Me e/s Mulch on s/s Taupographic Piggie Copperclast on e/s Mulch Fluidline Graphic Brown Liner...
  19. applefrite

    Hot Pink with Romping !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello girls and boys !!! This my yesterday makeup ! Face : Prep + Prime Mac MSF Matte Médium Mac Harmonie Duo Blondes Glam Bronze L'Oréal Paris ( Bronzer ) Blush Petalpoint Mac Eyes: e/s Shroom Mac Hightlight e/s Romping Mac e/s ME Black 990 Shu Uemura crease e/s Carbon Mac outer v...
  20. applefrite

    Ultra-Orange after 15 days on th sea !

    Hello everybody !!! I love Orange on mu sunny face !! Face : Prep + Prime Mac MSF Matte Médium Mac Terracotta n°1 Guerlain Miami Beach Cargo Ever Beautiful ! Eyes : Brows Shader Porcelain / Brownie Mac MSF Shimpangne on hightlight Mac e/s Firespot Mac e/s Saturnal on outer v Mac Zoom...