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  1. MACisME

    Please Helpp! Skirt

    i NEED this skirt. i have the perfect shoes for them.. has anyone seen it anywhere =(?? obviously the sequin one in the middle..
  2. MACisME

    here kitty kitty....

    Shooting and Driving.. Highly NOT recommended... LOL Face : Prep + Prime Skin SFF NC 40 MUFE Concealor Pallette #2 MSFN Med Dark Cheeks: Dollymix Lips: Strayin L/S & Nice Kitty [Hello Kitty] Eyes: UDPP Blacktrack & Feline Kohl Too Dolly & Slately Black from Too Dolly Pallette Milk...
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    IT's BEEN a WHILE . .

    What I used: Vanilla Pigment , Cork , Dark Edge Eyeshadows Blacktrack FluidLine, and Feline pencil Beurre LipLiner, Jubilee L/S mixed with Quiet, Please L/S Out of Bounds blush w/ Margin blush my cheap lashes wouldnt stay in place but oh wells!
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    earrings! again.

    you ladies have been so helpful since my last fashion post... now i need to know ... where can i get this? links,cp's, and everything else more than welcome!
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    bad, bad, NHU!

    my skin looks so bad right now.. i have like 20 or some pimples and i have no idea where this outbreak started. i wanna cry because i feel so insecure at work and the makeup isnt even fully covering!! ugh i wanna hide in a closet and cry.. ok i've been hella m.i.a on specktra cause i've been...
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    Fergie on The VIEW

    i gotta admit.. she's growing on me.. ever since her appearance on the view to subliminally promote her SE lipglass people have been asking for them left and right.. YouTube - Fergie On The View NEW Interview February 6, 2008
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    let's go bare study.

    i used a paint pot today and it creased on me like 5 minutes later =( anyways a look for work again. lol sorry im boring =( i used :eyes: jest, moth brown, contrast, thunder, vanilla pigment, brun in the brows face sff nc40,sfp c40 cheeks msfn in medium dark, fleur power blush and global glow...
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    take me to paradisco..

    paradisco is such an oldie but good. boring brown look on the way to work. i loove the pimple on my chain. whee new camera, hair, and fotd =) i used paradisco, shroom, espresso, brun ssf and margin and (?) blush, on lips i have buerre lipliner and love nectar muahaha enjoy honeybuns and have...
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    Chicagoland : YOUR NEWEST MAC ARTIST!

    i just got hired at the mac counter at macy's at Old orchard in skokie (wow, long run on sentence) !!! woooooooooohoooooooooooooo < that was exactly my reaction.
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    knockin boots ;)

    hi ladies! im in need of some advice.. ive played basketball for 12 years of my life and ended up with huge manly like calves and knee high or a little below the knee boots NEVER fit me.. or at least i cant find any cute ones that a 20 yr old living in chicago would like. any advice? sites...
  11. MACisME

    Mixing Studio Fix Fluids.

    So how does one go about mixing sff's without it looking gray? i have sff in nw15,nc15,nw55,nc55 i really need help, or im going to end up selling.. and i dont know ANYTHING about selling haha. work your magic ladies!
  12. MACisME

    seth answers crock. save them both!

    honestly the only reason im linking this is because i strongly believe that seth green is using the 219 brush hahah i love it! i think internet tele is getting a tad bit outta control. but he-larry-us 622
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    ladies, SHIPPING INFO?

    okay what is the best way to ship cosmetics, lip stuff, fondation, blush? i have a couple of things i want to post for sale but i dont know the ins and outs about affordable shipment. i have letter size bubble wrap envelopes, can i toss that in the mail box? and if yes how many stamps do i need...
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    LJ hates ME! WHY?

    okay.. ive been seriously lurking around the community of MAC_COSMETICS for over 3 or 4 months and they would never accept me into the community. what the heck, i like/love MAC as much as the next girl. what am i doing WRONG?!?!
  15. MACisME

    i NEED these.. PARTO DOS!

    you ladies were such a HUGE help last time.. so imma try it again.. where can i find the SUNGLASSES ... the one on the right.
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    what in the..

    heck has gotten into me.. i got so bored. im sorry. i hope no one takes this seriously i would never go out like this unless someone paid me large amounts of money to do so. p.s. my order came in today! YAY! everything was TOO pretty.. im pretty sure i ordered a reg size 129 but they...
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    Goodbye Cellulite

    GOODBYE CELLULITE?! by NIVEA?! have any of u guys used this.. i dont have any cellulite that i know of... ahh knock on wood.. but does this stuff really work!?! i wanna use this on my stretch marks.. those i DO have.. ugh, i gained a lot of weight. but im back in the gym to look good for my...
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    duece duece there goes my juice.

    welcome to my 2nd overall FOTD. i got trigger happy while waiting for one of my friends to scoop me up for the taste of chicago. my camera washes out EVERYTHING.. so these dont do it justice. but yeah, ive been pretty inspired lately so here goes... i have a love/hate relationship with my...
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    im so elated! i picked up 2 barbie's last night.. they're so beautiful!!
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    yup.. i got to celebrate her 21st with her.. =D she's beautiful, inside and out