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  1. LineausBH58

    Patina and Soft Force

    YouTube - Patina an "old rich" fav look I love Patina and I have just discovered it! Here is a look I did with it before the holidays!
  2. LineausBH58

    First day of work Makeup????

    give me some recs please.... combos of color tones.... Thanks everyone I'm super excited... I start at 5pm tomorrow and I'm sure I'll be starting my routine at like NOON HAA HAA my coloring is Black hair NW45 soft nude/pink lips(w/o product)
  3. LineausBH58

    Sushi Flower, bright red, and Handwritten... plus Dazzelglass

    YouTube - Look using MAC and B.F. 120 palette.... Red Lips Hey guys I hope you like this look... I went oldschool side to side look!! Which is something I miss doing!! Thanks for watching! ~JES
  4. LineausBH58

    In the Gallery Quad + Cinderfella

    YouTube - In the Galley quad look I love purple tones!! Sometimes I find it hard to blend mattes but see what u think!!
  5. LineausBH58

    Style Black look! blackfiraaaaaaaa

    I found that I was weary of this collection(@ 1st).... but the looks are great! Here is my take on the Black Fire look! I didn't use any products from the collection but I think it worked out really nice... see what you think!! YouTube - Style Black: The BlackFire look
  6. LineausBH58

    i just posted this in FOTD: Tropical look

    it was a request from a Youtube Subbie YouTube - Requested look!! Tropical
  7. LineausBH58

    a tropical look

    Revlon creamy pearl color NYX Milk MAC Bright SunShine MAC Sushi Flower NYX Hot Orange MAC Satilitte Dreams MAC Sketch MAC Noturnelle MAC Slate MAC Humid MAC Digit
  8. LineausBH58

    a Victoria Stiles copycat... alittle funky

    Stuff I used NYX jumbo eye pencil-- Milk MAC e/s-- White Frost MAC e/s-- Vex (extreme highlight JUST under the eyebrows thing line) MAC e/s-- Knight Divine(below that to just ABOVE the natural crease) note: this color was not what I wanted... it was too Blue toned! sooo NYX e/s-- Charcoal Pearl...
  9. LineausBH58

    CCO and Outlet haul

    Hey guys!!! here's my haul from the CCO! I want to go see what Franklin Mills has... maybe that will be on Sunday!! YouTube - CCO/Outlet haul i look crazy in the snap shot!!! ECK!!
  10. LineausBH58

    Not new but crazy MIA!!!

    Hey everyone I figure I would do this again since it's been well over a year since I've been an active member of this site! I have to say I've missed it! I am sorry for the MIA'ness. I have been blogging JES' Makeup For Everyone and I just made partner on Youtube YouTube - JESblankets's...
  11. LineausBH58

    Lash Stiletto

    here is my view of this mascara YouTube - Maybelline LASH Stiletto review
  12. LineausBH58

    "My no buy is O V E R" HAUL

    MAC, Target, and Harmon YouTube - "No- Buy" is OVER Haul
  13. LineausBH58

    contest entry look

    Azur NYX Aquadisiac MAC Hepcat MAC Red Bean Pie NYX Amber Lights MAC Soba MAC Shroom MAC Deep Truth MAC Blush Flirt & Tease MAC X-Rocks MAC Dark Brown NYX Embark MAC Sheer Nude Joan Rivers Lips No Name light tan gloss NYX
  14. LineausBH58

    my contest entry

    see what you guys think i used about 8 colors YouTube - Tut for the contest entry
  15. LineausBH58

    MAC Only hauls???

    i wasn't sure.... if it has to be moved just let me know Revlon Haul at the Factory store YouTube - Revlon Haul
  16. LineausBH58

    I made a TRAX dupe..err more like cousins

    ok it's not that exciting.... but it looks like it's related to TRAX here's 2 pictures trax is on top couisin is bottom what do you think?
  17. LineausBH58

    Holiday and CCO haul

    YouTube - CCOs haul from the holiday
  18. LineausBH58

    Holiday and CCO haul

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  19. LineausBH58

    I went a little crazy with the Pigments

    but i think the out come was nice!!! see what you think!! YouTube - Curly Pigments
  20. LineausBH58

    something green and smokey hiya lumene eye base yogurt crayon Karat NYX Citron Spell Humid MAC Black NYX a shimmering black color Revlon Lovecrush blush MAC I FORGOT THE LIPS....rut ruh i did a video on the look i hope you guys like it