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  1. pink4ever

    Fake Studio Fix Fluid?

    Well I bought this foundation online and the lady seemed legit claiming they were 100% authentic but she was selling so many for about $18 each I grew skeptical. Please help me out! :) Thanks in advance
  2. pink4ever

    Best NYX Lipsticks

    Hi ladies, I want to do a big purchase of NYX products online but I hardly use it. I only have a couple of Jumbo pencils and eye/lip liners. I want to buy lipsticks and try them out but I don't know which colors would be best to purchase. It would be great if I can have your opinion on your...
  3. pink4ever

    Leighton Meester Lip Color?

    Hi does anyone know of a lip color that is like the color Leighton Meester wore in this picture? I would prefer if it was a drugstore brand since I don't live really close to a Sephora or MAC. I don't care if it's matte or any other type of finish. Thanks :)
  4. pink4ever

    Frosted Lipsticks!

    I absolutely love frosted lipsticks, I think the silk affect it gives is just so pretty! A lot of people seem to disagree with me though. Most give frosted lips a huge big no no! Am I the only one on the frosted lip train? Or is there more of you out there who agree with me?
  5. pink4ever

    Portfolio Recommendation?

    I recently did cheerleading makeup and it was so much fun that it lead me to pageantry makeup. I got calls from moms wanting me to do makeup for their little darlings. I have quite a bunch of photos that they sent me as "thank yous", they're professional photos from a studio and I can't help but...
  6. pink4ever

    Unsanitary MUA's

    My boss who is a MUA takes me to fashion shows/makeup classes as her assistant. She generally does one-on-one clients but sometimes when she does shows there is more than one MUA there (of course) and I see a lot of them do things that I think are a bit off. Like blowing on the models faces...
  7. pink4ever

    Kat Von D "Momento Mori" Palette

    Is it discontinued or not selling at the moment? I was looking foward to buying it online but I seached on Sephora and it's no longer listed. I had a chance to visit Sephora at my JC Penney about 2 weeks ago and they had it for $24 (on sale) and I haven't been since so I don't know what the deal...
  8. pink4ever

    WOC, Your favorite look

    I'm not categorizing all WOC in one single group I just want to know what you think compliments a darker skin toned woman. Like what do you think is the perfect look for a special night that you think looks best on a WOC? Is it a smokey eye and nude lip? Or a plum lip with natural eyes? Etc...
  9. pink4ever


    Hi Ladies! I've recently started doing a little freelance. It's quite light work, only about 2 jobs every other weekend. I'm doing only close friends and people they have recommended me to. I do charge, only about $20 per face. My question is should I have clients sign contracts/sign off...
  10. pink4ever

    Klean Color?

    Hi! I have a client who wants me to do her makeup but she says she prefers me to use this brand called "Klean Color" because that's her favorite brand or something. I've never heard of that brand, have any of you ladies? Is it only available online or is there some kind of special store where I...
  11. pink4ever

    Cheerleading Makeup

    Hey girls! Well I have a bit of a problem. I've done make-up for sweet 16's, brides, parties, and even pageants but never cheerleading competitions! A couple of girls in a competition cheer group hired me to do their makeup, but I have no idea what cheer makeup is supposed to look like...lots of...
  12. pink4ever

    Waste of time?

    Hey everyone! My mom's friend is a makeup artist/ hairstylist whom I contacted to tell her that a friend and I were planning to start freelancing and if she could give any tips and such. She replied by saying that we might be too young (I'm sixteen turning seventeen) and offered me a job as an...
  13. pink4ever

    A couple of questions :)

    My friend and I are planning on doing freelancing together for weddings, sweet sixteens, prom etc. but we have a couple of questions. We are new to the actual makeup industry but are quite good at doing makeup. Thanks to anyone who can answer them! 1. We're both sixteen (but have been doing...