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  1. daisydeadpetals

    Lush Haul <3

    I stopped at lush yesterday.... I can't get enough of their cleansing products (herbalism and fresh farmacy = ), they are amazing!! I'm mildly obsessed with their bath stuff too.... All of it together: Bombs: (l-r) Youki-hi, All that Jas, sex bomb, think pink, honeybee (top row) Bathos...
  2. daisydeadpetals

    Makeup and Shoe Rec for Holiday Party!

    I have a fancy holiday party on saturday..and I need help! I bought this dress: This is me Can anyone help me figure out what makeup to wear?? Also, I'm trying to pick shoes and I'm having trouble finding what I want.. I really love these, but I don't know if they really go with the...
  3. daisydeadpetals

    First FOTD :)

    My first one! What I used: Face: Benefit Dallas Porcelain Pink MSF Eyes: Stila Barefoot Contessa Phloof! Stila Aubergine Nars Night Fever L'Oreal Gilded Bronze Full n Soft -Melissa