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    Tutorial: Holographic Rainbow Leopard Print!

    It's SO fun and so easy I love it, try it out! YouTube - Rainbow Leopard Nail Tutorial! Lisa Frank inspired
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    Holographic Rainbow Leopard Nails!

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but I hope I can still post it here even though it's nails! It's SO fun and so easy YouTube - Rainbow Leopard Nail Tutorial! Lisa Frank inspired
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    200 Nail Polish Swatches

    I know I did this a long time ago, but I updated my video slideshow of my entire nail polish collection swatched on nail wheels!
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    Autumn Colors For Blue Eyes

    Obviously anyone can wear this look, but I just find these colors particularly nice on my color eyes YouTube - Autumn Eyeshadow Colors For Blue or Green Eyes! Hope you all like it!
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    Mac Perfect Storm Tutorial! May Entry

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    Teens 'sexting' sending nude pics...

    I'm doing a project and research presentation on teens taking and sending naked photos. It's a topic of academic interest now thanks to the whole sexting thing. I'm looking to talk to/get some input from anyone who has taken naked photos of themselves and then had them shown around (via the...
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    Warning about a Teeth-Whitening scam online

    Here's a site that talks about this as a well-known internet scam, if you want to read more,the people's comments explain a lot: Online Teeth Whitening Scams - Teeth Whitening Articles
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    Urban Decay Deluxe Look- BRIGHT!

    Hope you like it!
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    Valentines Day Video Tutorial! Lavender+Hot Pink

    Did a video tutorial for this look, hope you like it YouTube
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    Slideshow of ALL my FOTDs

    Made a slideshow on youtube today of my past 2 years of post-worthy FOTDs
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    Pink and Purple Girly Tutorial

    Here's a tutorial for one of my first favorite Mac looks I did about 3 years ago...
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    Dramatic Teal/Green Smokey Eye

    Did a tutorial for a teal and green smokey eye look that's actually using all Mac (products used are in the youtube description box).
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    Video on the many uses of Witch Hazel

    Witch Hazel is my current skincare obsession, and I've made a video about the ways it can be used. I highlyyyy recommend trying out a bottle, its just 99 cents and does so many things! YouTube - Cheap Multi Purpose Skincare: WITCH HAZEL!
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    Parrot and Similar Swatches

    Beigeing Shadestick as a base, NW20 skin, flash: HTH
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    Mac Eyeshadow and Pigment Comparisons, some rare :)

    I was doing comparison swatches of my collection to figure out what I need and what I can swap, figured I'd share (You may have already seen these on my Livejournal) Beigeing Shadestick is the base for everything, except the pink pigments swatch, there was no base, just used with homemade...
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    Need to vent, mankind disgusts me...

    It's about a hit and run death that just happened at my school (University of Connecticut). I just have to share this and my feelings somewhere.... it really makes me sad/angry how awful people can be, and how people can have no conscience... On Saturday night, someone driving hit a freshman...
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    THE Trading Spouses Episode is on NOW!

    The infamous angry Christian woman is back for a new episode with a new family , it's on Fox right now, EST. Watch it!
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    First FOTD on here, let me know what you think.... UDPP Lucky Jade s/s Chrome Yellow inner lid Swimming outer 2/3 lid Waternymph <3 over the Swimming on the outer 1/3, and then "V'd" around like you see Gorgeous Gold used to help blend things together