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  1. Cushie_Butterfi

    Brushes from Asia

    Hi, (hope I'm right here). Do you have only MAC-brushes or can you recommend this ones too? I'm wondering because of the prices :confused: //admin edit: removed ebay link per TOS
  2. Cushie_Butterfi

    Need your help - What colours?

    Hi! I want to buy some new colours, but I'm not sure what colours do match to me. I'm a newbie to make-up. And especially to MAC. This is me: What can you recommend to me? Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Cushie_Butterfi

    Munich, Germany

    Hello, I'm from Munich, Germany. A friend showed me the MAC-counter... My face while shopping: My face after shopping: Oh, my name is caused with this book: Bye, Cushie