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  1. FafiNati

    Passed telephone interview with Benefit.

    I have been asked to go for a trail day next Thursday. Do any of you guys work for Benefit? What should I expect? What sort of day am I going to have? Thanks
  2. FafiNati

    Pro Pan Refills fake? You guys think these are real or fakes?
  3. FafiNati

    even on Facebook .....!/photo.php?fbid=185196834886197&set=a.152795804792967.38252.110852852320596&type=1 Not even Facebook is safe from the fake MAC. I liked this page for the jewellry she/he/they were making then stumbled across the photo...
  4. FafiNati

    Smoked Green.

    Today I threw this one together. Im feeling a little poorly today so through boredom. Also mostly because I was dying to use Antique Green. Its been lying in the draw since I got it poor thing :(. Face MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW20 Maxfactor Lasting Performance...
  5. FafiNati

    Natural Browns (with a hint of Blues)

    This is my first go at this so bare with me! Hope you enjoyyy! (blerrgghhh my eyebrows totally need a pluck or several!! sorry) Face MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - NW20 ELF Complete Coverage Concealer - Light Studio Finish Concealer - NW20 Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder -...
  6. FafiNati

    Oh Dear.

    I came across this beauty whilst browsing ebay. Nice set. Yes please! The best bit is when the seller just described the eyeshadows as the colours they are.
  7. FafiNati

    Online Ordering

    It might be just me. Or is anyone else having trouble ordering online. Every time I type in my password after step one of reviewing the order. It takes me back to the homepage. I have tried it several times since yesterday and it still does the same thing. Is anyone having the same problem? Thanks.
  8. FafiNati

    Oh haii there!

    I only just signed up after being a lurker for a fair while. Excellent site ladys!