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  1. MACBunny

    Sephora haul

    Didn't get that much but I was soooo happy that they had UDPP in stock! I cannot wait to try it after all the hype I see about it on here. Yay! Also got some Dior products... Dior Ultra Gloss in "A Bite of Toffee" DiorShow Mascara in black Urban Decay Primer Potion Yay!
  2. MACBunny

    "Shopping with my big sister" haul :)

    Yay, I went to MAC with my older sister. I just introduced her to pigments and she was so excited to be buying some. I mostly helped her shop although I managed to score a few goodies of my own. What I got: Nightsky SoftSparkle eye kohl (the last one! ) Pearl CCB Coquettish Clarice TLC...
  3. MACBunny

    More pigments, yay!

    Went to my freestanding store & it was cah-raaaazy! Jeez, it took me like 20 minutes to get what I wanted and I knew before I went in! Anyhoo, I survived and I got more piggies and that's all that matters! Behold, the new additions.... Lily White pigment Apricot Pink pigment Forever Green...
  4. MACBunny

    Which MSF should I get on eBay?

    The only one I have is Naked You. I like it but I want something a little more pigmented I am thinking. TIA, ladies!
  5. MACBunny

    Need Blush Rec's for NW 20! --> See pic...

    Today I bought my first blush palette and I want to fill it up. The 3 blushes I own are Tenderling, Springsheen, and Peachtwist. Please help me pick more! See pic below (on the right, lol!).... Right now I am debating between: Trace Gold Mocha Margin Cubic Harmony Any others you think...
  6. MACBunny

    Tell me....

    What are your lemmings at the moment? I need ideas for my weekend shopping trip! :hump:
  7. MACBunny

    Help! Does anyone know a good....

    lipliner to pair with Fresh Moroccan?? I have a big event on Saturday night so suggestions needed ASAP! TIA, girls.
  8. MACBunny

    Go Fug Yourself! ;)

    Okay, if you're addicted to those trashy tabloid magazines they sell at the supermarket, then you HAVE to check out this web site . All of the commentary is written by these two hilarious girls, and I swear I am peeing myself with each new post, it's so funny! They make fun of the "fugly"...
  9. MACBunny

    Which Lip Gelee should I buy next?

    I have Slicked Pink and Moistly, and I can't decide which one to get next. Feel free to comment as well as vote. TIA, chicas!
  10. MACBunny

    Need Rec's for payday haul tomorrow!

    I have about $80 to spend at the Pro Store tomorrow. I only have Rose pigment so far, so I was wanting to get more. I'm thinking Vanilla but I need other rec's for piggies, shadesticks, and e/s. I already have Penny, Sharkskin, and Lucky Jade s/s. For e/s, I wanted to choose two of the...
  11. MACBunny

    Help w/Organizing Quads! (involved)

    I recently depotted all of my 32 eyeshadows and put them in 15-pan palettes. I was excited about getting B2M lipsticks and saving space, but I'm overwhelmed looking at 15 eyeshadows at a time. :crap: I did some research on here and found some people prefer quads to the 15's for this reason...
  12. MACBunny

    B2M Lipstick recs

    Depotted about 20 shadows last night so I have enough for 3 B2M lipsticks! Could you lovelies recommend some lippies you think would look good on me? I already have Blankety & Fresh Brew. TIA!
  13. MACBunny

    What's missing from my e/s collection?

    Planning a MAC trip this week and trying to fill in the holes in my e/s collection. I'm NW20 and there is a pic of my on my profile. I tend to gravitate towards peaches, browns, and neutrals. But I have been branching out by buying greens (Velvet Moss) and coppers (Mythology). All...
  14. MACBunny

    Hi from Arizona!

    Hi, my name is Karen, and I'm a MAC Junkee. Fellow MAC Junkees in unison: <<Hi, Karen!>> Wow, this site is the best & worst! Best because of all the amazing resources for make-up & MAC. Worst for my checkbook, but OH WELL! Anyway, there really should be a Specktra glossary or something...