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  1. candlesxvi

    spray on self-tanner! help!

    Hey! I go tanning a few times a week, but my legs are still white =\ So I bought B&BW's Solar Power spray-on self tanner just to use on my legs. Is it okay if I spray it on and then rub it in to make sure I get even coverage? Or is that a bad idea? I know I have to exfoliate, apply lotion to...
  2. candlesxvi

    hey =]

    hi ladies! my name is geri, i'm from philadelphia, and i'm a sophomore at temple university. i'm doing a dual degree in marketing and visual studies, hoping to work on the business end of a cosmetics company one day =] i've had a username on here for like, years, i just haven't used it! but here...
  3. candlesxvi

    Indoor Tanning Lotions

    I want to preface this by saying I understand the risks of indoor tanning and I ask that anyone who wishes to reply off the topic of lotions, I ALREADY KNOW! I don't need to be lectured. Okay! So I've been going tanning for a month now. I'm extremely pale, and now look slightly sunkissed, but...
  4. candlesxvi

    Makeup for a blacktie event?

    Hi =] I'm going to a champagne tasting and 5-course dinner at Le Bec Fin, a five star restaurant in Philadelphia. Being only a sophomore in college, I've never been exposed to this kind of sophistication! Okay, so I'm wear a gorgeous v-neck, babydoll cut black dress, with peeptoe gold heels...