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  1. cocodivatime

    WOC--MAC Retro Matte Collection

    What are you ladies getting? It seems that most of these colors are universally appealing on many skin tones. I swatched them all and feel like I want to own them all at some point. The only one that kind of concerns me is Steady Going because it swatched a bit chalky for me. What are...
  2. cocodivatime

    I need advice on lipgloss to pair with my nude lippies

    I'm one of those that when I find something that works I rarely stray. So i get into the rut of pairing the same lipstick with the same gloss everytime. Just curious what you all would recommend to go with my lipsticks just to give me a change. Normally I use Sapilicous lipgelee, Jellybabe...
  3. cocodivatime

    All about false lashes

    I have been online for over an hour trying to search for threads on discussing MAC eye lashes. There are not many at all. Like nearly none. So I'm wondering which ones are the most popular, which ones the least? Which ones are more natural and which ones more dramatic? I am always...
  4. cocodivatime

    Question for those who own more than 1 of the same brush

    Which ones do you own multiples of and why? I always read about people wanting back-ups or two of certain brushes and I was just curious why. Of course I understand for the make-up artists. But what about the regular girls like me who just like makeup? I have a 219 that I'm using more and...
  5. cocodivatime

    WOC--How do you use/wear NARS Goldmember?

    So I've bought this color and now i don't know how to use it. I tried to put it on my cheeks first as a blush and it didnt show up. So i tried it as a highlighter on the top of my cheeks and i can still barely see it maybe its my skin color. I am a Bare Escentuals Dark and MAC NC44. I...
  6. cocodivatime

    Help with MAC eyeliner

    Can you guys help me? I'm trying to find and eyeliner that does not smudge. I must be buying the wrong formula. I have all of the dual edge eyeliners that came out a while back. I love the colors but they smudge so bad. Not the ends with the glitter, but the other ends with the regular...
  7. cocodivatime

    Nordstrom Exclusive Palette

    Have you all seen this eyeshadow palette? It has all about eve, kalahari , bali and one shadow from bellissima I'd love to get some feedback on it. I have a brown skin tone (mac nc44 and bare escentuals dark) and I'm wondering if the colors will be too light. But they are so pretty
  8. cocodivatime

    WOC help with NARS equivalents to MAC

    Well its official. I officially understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to NARS blush. I am in love with MAC X-Rocks blush but I'm convinced that I could live without the others. I want NARS NARS and more NARS. lol I want to phase all my MAC blushes but heres the prob. I...
  9. cocodivatime

    Galapagos e/s and Surabaya duo

    I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has both of these? Is the brown e/s in the duo similar to galapagos? I am just starting to build up my NARS collection and I don't want to duplicate Oh--just to give background, the only NARS e/s that I have is mediteranee. I wear all...
  10. cocodivatime

    NARS albatross vs. MAC vanilla pigment question

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm wondering if albatross has the same highlighting affect as MAC vanilla pigment. I swatched Albatross on my hand today and it reminded me of my vanilla pigment just a little more gold. Anyone know? Do I need both? Or can I pass on Albatross and...
  11. cocodivatime

    I have found the blush of my life!

    I love this blush so much I'm thinking of getting rid of a bunch of others b-cuz I may never reach for them My beloved blush is X-Rocks from the Neo-Sci Fi collection!! I knew that I loved it when I first tried it on in the store. I bought it and ended up buying a backup a...
  12. cocodivatime

    Vanilla Pigment vs. Quick Frost Pigment

    If you have one already do you need the other? Are they very similar? I have Vanilla already and don't want to get Quick Frost if they are too similar. I appreciate your input!!!
  13. cocodivatime

    Question about stocking up and buying backups

    Is this a smart thing to do on certain products? I am thinking of buying a few more backups of shadesticks since they will be discontinued. But will they dry out over time? Or will they be fine if unopened? Same question for fluidline and paintpots.
  14. cocodivatime

    What is the one MAC brush that you can't live without and why?

    I have to say that its my 224 brush. I reach for it every single day. I had one for years and didnt know how to properly use it so it just sat. Then I discovered how to use it and I cannot live without it. I love that brush. So what's everyone else's fave?? Don't cheat. I know its...
  15. cocodivatime

    Pairing Paint Pots with eyeshadows---suggestions?

    I have a ton of paint pots but I would love some help and suggestions about what everyone is pairing their paint pots with. For example yesterday I used: Indianwood paint pot as a base paired with amber lights and bronze. It made the colors bolder. I am clueless about some of my...
  16. cocodivatime

    What do you use the 150, 134 and 182 brush for??

    Ok so I have the 150, 134 and 182 (kabuki). Which brush is best to use for flawless application of my powders (both pressed and loose) and MSF? I am not sure of the best ways to use these beautiful brushes. For those of you who own these brushes how do you use them each? thanks!!
  17. cocodivatime

    What are the functions of the 190 brush?

    hey all. I have a 190 brush that I'm not sure I will keep. I don't use liquid foundation and thats the only use I know for it. What else do you use this brush for? I don't want to get rid of it and regret it. thanks
  18. cocodivatime

    Please give your opinions on Lightscapade and Nothernlights MSF

    I have a chance to get these online but obviously cannot try them on first. I'm wondering how they show up on the skin. I'm a NC44 i think. I can't remember. A caramel tone brown. Is lightscapade a nude or pink color. and does nothern lights come out really pink or is it subtle. thanks...
  19. cocodivatime

    Question about the old Liza AM/PM quads

    I see that they both have the color Showstopper in them. Am I missing something? Why would they both have the same colors?
  20. cocodivatime

    If you have a pre-made MAC quad can you remove the shadows?

    Sorry if this is a silly question....I'm a newbie. But i was thinking of purchasing a quad that has two really neutral shadows in it. I know that would wear these colors often so I would prefer to put it in my 15 palette for quick access. Can you remove them? I have a pre-made quad and...