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  1. zaralovesmac

    Going for something a bit funky!

    Hey everyone! Hoping you could offer me some advice on my hair dilemma! At the mo' I have quite longish hair(below the shoulders) but I want to change it up quite a bit.I'm considering chopping it all off and going for maybe a 'crop' or a shaggy bob.My only concern is my face shape.It's a...
  2. zaralovesmac

    How to gain weight??!

    Hey everyone! I know some of you might be thinking 'you want to gain weight..are you mad!!' but I'm 5'3" and 115lbs (just over 8 stone) and very unhappy with my weight.My goal in life is to be curvy...I want the boobs and the hips, but I can't seem to gain any weight despite my great appetite...
  3. zaralovesmac

    Sultress eye quad

    Hey everyone!I know this quad is a lil' old now but it's been sitting in my make-up box unused for quite a while.The thing is I don't really know how to go about using the colours to create a nice look and I was hoping you guys might have some suggestions??
  4. zaralovesmac


    Hey!Bagged myself a free consultation at my Clinique counter.Anyway it got me thinking...since I've never had a consultation before..what should I expect?Do many of you go for consultations?
  5. zaralovesmac

    Mini haul..but it makes me soooo excited!!

    Hey everyone!This prob doesn't even count as a haul coz i bought so little but I wasn't realli plannin on splashin out on BLM(I no,and I call myself a MAC fanatic!) but I went into my store and to my surprise and delight they had gotten in the BLM collection(yay!).Neway I bought: Mothbrown e/s...
  6. zaralovesmac


    Hey everyone!I'm zara and I'm new to this site...gotta say I've been visiting pretty much everyday for the last month or so and finally decided to become a member!I've been collecting MAC for 2 months now and I can safely say I am addicted!Love it!Well hope to see you all around..ciao!