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  1. trollydolly

    I think i've tried every foundation and still can't find 'the one'

    Here's a list of the foundations i've tried over the years: Mac Studio Fix Mac Studio Fix Fluid Mac Studio Tech Mac Pro Longwear Mac Select liquid Mac Studio Sculpt Mac Face & Body Mac Mineralize Satinfinish DiorSkin Forever DiorSkin Nude Makeup Forever HD...
  2. trollydolly

    Recs for this look please?!!

    Please can anyone give me some recs of anything from mac or nars that is similar or the same as her blush, foundation and lipstick. Shes a UK Glamour Model called Lucy Pinder. Thanks in advance!
  3. trollydolly

    dramatic false eyelashes

    I tried mac 36 lashes for the first time on nye and they looked great but they weren't as dramatic as I would have liked. I've got quite long eye lashes anyway. I want to try some slightly more dramatic ones from mac any ideas as to which ones to try next?
  4. trollydolly

    I'm baaack! and with a mac makeover!!

    So I went to mac yesterday to get my makeup done for new years eve and this is a fotd of the outcome! It was my first mac makeover and I wasn't overly impressed. For those of you who have seen my other fotds the outcome of the makeover is extremely similar to a look I did myself a few months...
  5. trollydolly

    Just booked to go to Vegas!

  6. trollydolly

    worker killed in wal-mart

    has anyone else heard about this? its awful! A supermarket worker has been killed in a stampede of shoppers during the first day of America's traditional Christmas sales season. Shoppers make a dash to get through the doors of Wal-Mart The 34-year-old man was knocked to the ground as...
  7. trollydolly


    I think i need a lipliner with creme d'nude, when i put it on you can still the outline of my lips. does anyone else have this problem with nude lipsticks + pigmented lips? has anyone got any ideas for a good mac lipliner to use with creme d'nude and speed dial?
  8. trollydolly

    my 'it's been a long time!' fotd

    So it's been a long time since my last fotd. I went out tonight for a few drinks with some friends and thought i'd take some photos for a fotd before I went out. Enjoy! mac moisturecover concealer nc15 mufe hd foundation 115 mufe hd powder mac golden bronzer little bit of mac plum du bois...
  9. trollydolly

    so now people think its ok that fake mac products are being sold?

    deleted, link won't work! sorry
  10. trollydolly

    help, im going to b2m today!

    im going to b2m for a l/s today and ive got no idea what to get. to give you an idea of the kind of lipsticks i usually wear a few faves of mine are bombshell, 3n, viva glam v, angel, blankety and id like to try something different. have any of you got must haves that i need to get? tia!
  11. trollydolly

    would this hairstyle suit me?

    hey everyone! ive just started learning to drive and im hoping to go back to being an air hostess in a few months for virgin atlantic. anyway i absolutely hate hate hate having my hair tied back so im considering getting my hair cut into a bob (a modern graduated one) so that i wont have to...
  12. trollydolly

    help! going to a posh dinner on friday

    im going to a posh dinner and drinks thing on friday and im not sure how to do my makeup. its at a nice hotel and is for people who have been in the army and their families. i was thinking of doing a smokey eye and/or red or pink lipstick. im not quite sure! im wearing high wasted black...
  13. trollydolly

    is this a normal sex life???

  14. trollydolly

    in a room full of people but still alone...

  15. trollydolly

    any pro product recs?

    im going to mac pro store next week and i was wondering if anyone can recommend some must have mac pro products? id like to get some eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes from the pro line. ive mainly got neutral colours in my collection at the moment so id like to be a bit more colourful and...
  16. trollydolly

    its been a while!

    its been about 2 months since i last posted so i thought i would today. its not my best look but its nice and natural. hope u enjoy, cc more than welcome! studio fix fluid nw20 blot powder medium beauty powder smooth harmony sunbasque blush nc15 select moisturecover concealer illegal cargo...
  17. trollydolly

    mac pro london

    hey girlies, im sure theres loads of posts on this already but ive just got a few questions about the mac pro store in london! firstly where is it? and wheres the nearest tube station to the store? and also do they stock the regular line of makeup as well as pro products? and do they stock the...
  18. trollydolly

    recs needed! + face and body foundation?

    hey guys and girls. first of all im really sorry if this question has already been posted, i did do a search but couldnt find anything :-( anyway i really want to try mac face and body foundation but the counter i go to doesnt stock it which means ive got to buy it online and ive got not idea...
  19. trollydolly

    first bright fotd! poison pen meets stars n rockets

    so i thought id try doing a brighter look today seeing as i always wear netural eye shadows. im not quite sure if ive blended enough or over blended. im trying to improve my e/s skills at the moment because im such a newbie. i havent got up the courage to wear bright e/s out of the house yet...
  20. trollydolly

    hungover and going out for dinner

    im going out for dinner tonight with my bf and his parents. i only had about 10mins to do my makeup so it doesnt look that great. its also my first time trying out blue e/s so if anyone has got any advice on how to make it look a bit better id really appreciate it! im debating whether im going...