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  1. Beauty11111

    TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation in Fair Sand

    I'd love to try the TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation but it isn't possible for me to swatch it first and I'm unsure if there is a colour match for me. I really struggle to find foundations that match my skin tone. My perfect colour match is Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia. I...
  2. Beauty11111

    Lipstick reccomendation

    Could someone please recommend a lipstick similar in colour to the one used in the photo. Or can anyone suggest a nude lipstick, or lipgloss for someone with light skin (NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia) with yellow undertones, it doesn’t have to be MAC. I’ve been looking for something that will suit...
  3. Beauty11111

    Blush Of Youth batch code

    Could anyone please tell me what the correct batch code/ codes are for the Blush Of Youth? I’ve recently received one in a swap and it looks perfectly fine, but I’m a novice with MAC so I’d just like to be sure, the code on it is CC8? Is that correct? Thank you for the help.
  4. Beauty11111

    GlamGlow Mud Mask for camera-ready, Hollywood skin

    Has anyone tried the GlamGlow Mud Mask? I have read some phenomenal rave reviews about it and apparently it has a cult following. Designed for Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion and Award industries for camera-ready soft glowing skin. Dredged off the coast of Southern France...
  5. Beauty11111

    Sisley Phyto-Teint Eclat foundation

    Has anyone tried this foundation? Is it worth the price? It’s very expensive but I think the lightest shade may be a perfect colour match for me. Does anyone know where it can be purchased online from a reliable source?
  6. Beauty11111

    NARS sheer glow in Siberia dupe/ Foundation recommendation for very light skin with a yellow undertone

    NARS sheer glow in Siberia dupe/ Foundation recommendation for very light skin with a yellow undertone Could anyone please recommend a foundation similar in colour to the NARS sheer glow foundation in Siberia, it’s an almost perfect match for me but sadly the formula doesn’t work well on my...
  7. Beauty11111

    MAC and NARS haul

    From MAC: Cream colour base in pearl, Brow set in clear, Superslick liquid eyeliner in on the hunt from the Fabulous Felines collection, Nail lacquer in nocturnelle, Pro colour x 4 compact, 187 brush, 190 brush. From NARS: Sample pots of sheer glow, sheer matte...
  8. Beauty11111

    NARS powder foundation in sweden

    I think it is only available to buy from NARS online, has anyone tried this, how does it compare to the other colours?
  9. Beauty11111

    Face architect remodeling cream foundation

    I apologise if this is an obvious or silly question but has the Shu Uemura face architect remodeling cream foundation with sunscreen been discontinued as it isn’t available online?
  10. Beauty11111


    Rodial products claim to have extraordinary results, but do they live up to the hype?
  11. Beauty11111

    NARS albatross looks cakey

    I think albatross is a beautiful highlighter but however I apply it after a short time it becomes cakey and looks horrible. I don’t have another NARS blush to compare it too but I don’t have particularly oil or dry skin and I’ve never experienced this with any other product. Albatross receives...
  12. Beauty11111

    Black nail polish

    I love black nail polish and would love to hear some recommendations, see some photos and swatches. What are your favourites and hates? What brands have the greatest durability, lasting time and ease of application? What are your favourite finishes when wearing black polish, gloss or matte? Do...
  13. Beauty11111

    Are my eBay purchases authentic?

    I recently purchased some Pro items from eBay but I'm very new to M.A.C cosmetics and clueless to recognise a fake. I've taken lots of photographs and if anyone could help me authenticate them it would be very appreciated! Thank you. White gold pigment...
  14. Beauty11111

    Are they authentic?

    Could someone please help me identify if theses two eBay sellers are selling authentic MAC items? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!