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  1. sassychix

    Purple & Silver Tutorial

    Hey guys! Here's a look for purple & silver Link: YouTube - Purples! Tutorial Photos: Thanks for looking
  2. sassychix

    Dramatic Rainbow Tutorial

    Here's a dramatic rainbow tutorial Link: YouTube - Dramatic Rainbow Tutorial Thanks for watching
  3. sassychix

    White & Violet Tutorial [video, link]

    Here's the link for the tutorial for this look: Link:link to video
  4. sassychix

    Teal & Blue & Purple

    So I've been sick and after spending the whole day sleeping, I was up all night! What better way to make use of my time then to do a tutorial So we're going for this look: Begin with your prepped face and add loose powder below your eye to catch any falling eyeshadow next i use this...
  5. sassychix

    My first NEUTRAL look. With a splash of silver

    Im used to bright, bold crazy colours. but this time, i went for a neutral. My first! But i just HAD to have colour! LOL So a splash of blue based silver .. Enjoy! As usual, begin with your prepped face. here i am with my large amt of concealer to conceal my hideously dark circles my FAV...
  6. sassychix

    Glitter Makeup Inspiration?

    I dont know if this is the right place, really sorry if its wrong. I have to do makeup for 4 models next week for some fashion show. its the launch of a product (nt much details yet) and the theme is SPARKLY Im totally bummed up abt what look to do! I REALLY need inspiration.. PLEASE
  7. sassychix

    Hello! =]

    Hey Im sarah from Singapore. Just wanted to say hELLOOOO and a big thanku to all those who sent such sweet comments. love this place PS: can anyone tell me about those tiny green button thingies below our username when we posT?
  8. sassychix

    Rushmetal & Black! *pic heavy!*

    Umm so like...IM TOTAllY IN LOVE WITH RUSHMETAL PIGMENT!! hehe.. so i did a lil tutorial today We're going for this look: SO... as usual, do your face, foundation etc.. Here im applying concealer now meet my best friend: Sephora fixing base! i dont know why its nt on the website...
  9. sassychix

    Blues! Who loves Blues? =D

    begin with foundation/concealers as u normally do prep ur lids (i use sephora's fixing base. its AMAZING!!) i use an average flat brush and this teal colour from the Pop Beauty palette apply colour to lids use an angled brush and this super hot (but sadly only available in...
  10. sassychix

    Hotpink & Purple Look

    Tutorial! I THOUGHT i had enuf time..pfft' I was getting ready for work and figured i would have enuf time to do a tutorial bt half way thru i realized i had only 20 mins to finish up n do my hair! aaacckk!! So i rushed.. sorry =[ Ok so first things first... apply your foundation, blah blah...
  11. sassychix

    Simplest Smokey Eye!

    If you're rushing for time or dont have too many different colours, but still wanna look good, then this tutorial just might be for you My idea of dark/smokey eye. Its totally simple. but a tonne of pics cuz of a camwh0re! =x As usual, prep ur face...