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  1. MACGirl13

    ISO Please

    Searching for NARS Erdem Loves me blush (medium pink) from the Strange Flower collection. Thanks
  2. MACGirl13

    Mac Sanitation Spray

    I just noticed today that Mac is using a spray instead of the containers of alcohol. Does anyone know what it is and where to find the spray and bottle?
  3. MACGirl13

    Is it possible to get a fake Mac brush at CCO?

    I purchased the 136 at the CCO in concord, NC and the France inscription is heavy to the feel.
  4. MACGirl13

    Has Anyone heard of MAC Coral is a lip conditioner Treatment???

    I have searched the web and I am unable to find this lip conditioner Treatment....I would like to know if anyone has heard of this and would love to see a PIC. Thanks -M
  5. MACGirl13

    MAC Glaze Lipstick called Well Loved?

    Has there ever been a MAC Glaze Lipstick called "Well Loved"? My friend said she found it at CCO and describes it as Nude color w/Pink Shimmer.
  6. MACGirl13

    Charlotte, NC here

    Looking for shopping buddies in the Charlotte, NC area
  7. MACGirl13

    New Member that is assessed with MAC

    Hello, I am new to the community because I just found this website last night. How could I NOT know about this wonderful MAC community? I am obsessed with cosmetics and especially MAC. I live in the Charlotte, NC area and would love to meet other MAC lovers in my area. Thanks! Monica