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  1. vc1079

    Starting Youtube videos...

    So for several years, I've been one of those people who just observe rather than participate in forums. But I recently gathered up the courage to make a Youtube video. It's about how to save money on Urban Decay makeup. I really want some feedback on what you think of the video and the concept...
  2. vc1079

    Online Store?

    Hi i was just wondering if doing an online makeup store or ebay account is actually profitable. I also now wonder where i may be able to get my supplies or any pointers to help guide this thought. Thanks!
  3. vc1079


    Not sure the EXACT date YET... I know their VIP sale is on May 14th? .. But i think the public would be around May 15!!!
  4. vc1079

    Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme

    if anyone loves the smell of coconut/ chocolate and want a great inexpensive creme then DEFINITELY check this product out! I recently got a pretty bad allergic reaction from a cleanser and my face started peeling. I read about some good things about this product and bought one from my local...
  5. vc1079

    SO how/where to start? :P

    I am truley such a makeup junkie and really would like to peruse make-up on the side as a side job while being in school. But i have so many questions... How do i get started?!?! Should i work in cosmetic retail first?! Do they hire 16 year olds at the counters?! I dont know where to begin=(
  6. vc1079

    HI!!! From Toronto =)

    Hi i would love to get to know you guys and finally decided to make good use of my specktra account after a year! I go on this website everyday, but always too shy to post anything! and can anyone teach me how to post a profile pic !! thanks!! - Vivian =)