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  1. Alice

    Nail Places in Sacramento??

    I'll be up in Sacramento with nothing to do tomorrow evening and all day Saturday. I was thinking of getting my gel nails back on. Can anyone suggest a place in Sacramento?
  2. Alice

    Running Mascara...

    I've been having an issue with Mascara recently. After a few hours of wear I end up with Mascara circles under my eyes. I switched mascaras and foundations and it's still happening. Anyone else have this issue?? Any suggestions on how to stop the madness?
  3. Alice

    My 2nd FOTD attempt using piggies..Rose & C brown...

    I just got the Holiday temptations sets of pigments and paints. Here I used Canton candy on my lid with Rose pigment on top, chocolate brown pigment in the crease and Naked pigment on the brow bone. I hope to experiment more this weekend. I love these colors, but they can be tricky sometimes...
  4. Alice

    First EOTD & first time using pigments...

    I recently got introduced to pigments....where have I been!?!? I used tan and chocolate brown pigments with Retrospeck on the lid. Please excuse the HORRIBLE eyebrows...I swear I waxed the next day! ) Any feedback would be super duper. Thanks!