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  1. ahuerta Haul

    I happened upon a great coupon while on last night. They have all their classic brands (MAC included) at 50% off!! So my order consists of the following: Lip Liners (each about $5.50) Half Red Whirl Plum Hodgepodge Stripdown Beurre Lipsticks (each $6) Chic Lame O Hug me Poco pink (i...
  2. ahuerta

    Quick Question.....

    For anyone familiar with Harveys seat belt bags......How would you describe the color "convertible blue"? is it more teal or true blue. TIA
  3. ahuerta

    Help with this look????

    I'd love it if anyone could explain how to replicate this look, eyes and lips. I've been in love with it since the video came out. Thanks!!
  4. ahuerta


    I'm scared to post my face in the midst of all this wonderfulness. I know you all are nice, but still. BTW, I am not implying for a second that anyone can/will learn anything from this. Sorry for the links, I couldn't figure out how to embed the pics. Believe me, I tried. Excuse the facial...
  5. ahuerta

    il makiage

    i read a recommendation about this brand somewhere....the website seems slightly shady for some reason. i'm just wondering if anyone has any experience to share regarding this brand of eyeshadow.:confused:
  6. ahuerta

    help w/some sephora looks??

    I was hoping someone could offer some ideas about how to copy either of these looks....Also, do Stila, Smashbox, and MUFE eyeshadow pans fit into MAC 15 pan palettes? I found a chart somewhere about this, but I couldn't understand it TIA ladies