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  1. Dawl

    Random Haul :P

    Ahh (; I`ma have so much fun with my new things. Anyways heres what I got && a little statement of what I think.. --- » Urban Decay Pallette - sorry IDK exactly the name for it.. it's a lavender pallette with nine shadows.. I love `em.. they`re so sparkly. So I needa have tape to take out...
  2. Dawl

    Ayy peeps (:

    Soo I finally joined (: Hahah. This forum is amazing.. I lurvers it ^_~ Anywhoo.. I`m kinda new to MAC, I don`t have much since I just started collecting. My collection is pretty shameful, gotta lot of other things.. but not enough MAC >_< So jeeeae! That`s basicly it. Deuces =P