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  1. 5_mac_love

    pix of makeup kits you use on jobs

    ok i think it would be cool to post pix of your actual kits you use on job sites, just to get an idea of what future makeup artists would need and/or the best way to lug it around, i read the thread about what should go into the kit, but i would really love to see pics of what all the pros on...
  2. 5_mac_love


    i was told by my dermatologist that i am loosing my hair (im only 34) and my hair used to be thick as f--k! lol! well in the past 2 years i would say 75% of it has fallen off but he did tell me to use rogaine, except i have to use it for the rest of my life basically if i want to keep my hair...
  3. 5_mac_love

    checking things out!

    hi, i've always looked in this sight, thought i'd actually join!! LOL!!! i have some questions that i cant seem to find answers for though, is there a sellers forum? either to buy or sell? i love mac and nars, and hope to know alot of you.