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  1. macaddictgirlie

    Anyone know of a Budding Lust dupe?

    I have a friend who is obsessed with Budding Lust lipstick which as you know was limited edition. I'd like to find her a good dupe of it so my question is does MAC make a similar non LE lipstick to Budding Lust? Thank you.
  2. macaddictgirlie

    Need help with a bridesmaid look

    I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding coming up very soon and I'm having a hard time deciding on what type of eye look I want to do. I've included a picture or the dress (we won't be wearing the black sash) above. Please help me! Thanks a lot
  3. macaddictgirlie

    A question about Imedeen Tablets

    I was reading an article by makeup artist Carmindy and she said she takes Imedeen Tablets to make her skin more supple. They are said to improve your skin's softness, smoothness, elasticity and youthful shine. Has anyone tried this product or heard anything about it? Does it really work...
  4. macaddictgirlie

    A question about highlighters

    I was wondering if anyone had any idea what product Carmindy is talking about in the video below when she mentions using a highlighter. Does anyone have any recommendations for hightlighters? Thanks.
  5. macaddictgirlie

    What shadow to use for this look?

    I love Charlize Theron she always has a very natural makeup look. I have the same eye color she does a blue/green and would like to know what Mac shadows you recommend for this look.
  6. macaddictgirlie

    My drugstore haul

    This isn't mac related but i'm excited anyway. I heard about a local drug/grocerystore closing and thought i'd stop in and see what they had. All skincare and makeup was 5 cents. I got everything you see plus the stuff in the 3 bags(which are full) for $15.00. Can you believe that? I got...
  7. macaddictgirlie

    How to get a natural cat eye look?

    I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 last night and fell in love with Angelina Jolie's cat eye look. I have tried cat eye looks before but they don't look natural at all. I want something similar to what she has in the picture. Any tips or product recs? Thanks girls.
  8. macaddictgirlie

    Recs on How to achieve these looks

    I love the looks of the eye makeup in these pictures. Do you have any suggestions for eye shadows that would help me recreate them? I love how they all look natural but not so natural that it looks like they aren't wearing anything. Did that make since at all? I also love how the colors...
  9. macaddictgirlie

    Makeup coasters

    My husband thinks i'm crazy but I knew you ladies would understand the need for something like this . I combined my love of crafts and my love of makeup and made these coasters the other day. I used a pic made by or posted by Chelly on this board and the rest are just random pictures. I may...
  10. macaddictgirlie

    Ideas for bridesmaid makeup

    Hi girls , I was hoping you could help me with something. I will be a bridesmaid in a few weeks and can't figure out how to do my makeup. I will be wearing this dress: Should I wear pinks or do a smokey eye? The bride said that it's up to me so what do you think? Any shadow or pigment...
  11. macaddictgirlie

    What is a similar color for Twillery?

    I am almost out of my Inventive Eyes Kit. I would buy a backup but I only really love Twillery and White Wheat. So what colors out there are similar to those? Thanks in advance.
  12. macaddictgirlie

    So many shadows no ideas

    I am a makeup junkie. I have so much stuff but never wear any of it. My friends make fun of me because I have 3 traincases of stuff and always wear the same Inventive quad. I am going to list Mac shadows I have and if you're bored sometime maybe you can look through them and tell me which...
  13. macaddictgirlie

    20 something skincare

    Hello, I hope you ladies can help me. I turn 27 next week and am having a hard time with that It's not so much the age but my skin that i'm having problems with. I try to treat my skin well by staying out of the sun and wearing spf everyday but i'm still noticing fine lines on my forehead...