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  1. VAL4M

    Patrick Starrr Floral realness items for Sale

    MAC for SALE Patrick Starrr Floral realness items for Sale Hi I have New unswatch MAC makeup Payment with Paypal No hold Do not include shipping Have proof those items are legit Thanks From me so fleek kit Lipstick Hey boy Hey 15$CAN - 12$US Lipgloss Queen P 15$CAN - 12US (SOLD) Quad 27$CAN...
  2. VAL4M

    What particular notes that you like in a perfume?

    When i'm reading the list of note in a particular perfume I know I will like it because of certain note my favorite are: Amber (or Benzoin- labdanum) - I love amber or a combination of Benzion and Labdanum because let faced it real amber doesn't smell. I like my amber on the vanilla and...
  3. VAL4M

    What Perfumes are on your wish list

    I have a on going wish list that I keep adding up since the beginning of the year: My top 5 perfumes I just dying to add to my collection. Guerlain Gourmand Coquin (Chocolate and Rum!) Armani Prive Myrrhe Imperiale (Myrrh, vanilla) Parfum d'empire Ambre Russe (Amber with Vodka! cheers...