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  1. Cyanide.Candy

    MAC Face Charts?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where I could find an archive of all MAC Face Charts released to date - or a fairly large selection anyhow? Or where I could download such a file containing MAC Face Charts inlcluding Halloween looks...
  2. Cyanide.Candy

    MAC Store in Belfast?

    Hi ladies! Just wondering if there is an actual MAC Store in Belfast, or just a MAC counter in a Debenhams? Also, is there just the one Debenhams with a MAC counter or more than one? Thanks!
  3. Cyanide.Candy

    Quick Q re: MAC Pro Membership address

    Hi guys! Just have a real quick query which I figured you knowledgeable UK ladies would have the answer to! (Yes, flattery gets you everywhere! lol ) I've just got all my documents sorted to finally get around to sending my application off to the MAC Pro Membership UK HQ, and I just want to...
  4. Cyanide.Candy

    If I have Fashion Mews do I *need* Lavender Whip aswell?

    So I picked up Fashion Mews a few weeks ago and on the same day I compared it to Lavender whip and I thought to myself; "Hey they're pretty similar, and y'know I'm probably not gonna wear purpley/lilac colours on my lips too often and well... Fashion Mews is in the HK packaging.. sooo... Fashion...
  5. Cyanide.Candy

    Can I B2M for a Sugar Sweet lippie?

    Hey guys! Right, I've *finally* gathered together 6 items to B2M and well I've got my heart set on a St Germain lipstick from the Sugar Sweet collection.. do you think I could get that or do I have to get a lipstick from the regular collection? I *think* that St Germain is/has been made...
  6. Cyanide.Candy

    New batch of fakes released?

    Now, I'm only guessing here, but does anyone know if there's a new batch of fakes doing the rounds? The only reason I ask is because there seems to be large supply of the same colours on eBay atm, particularly on the UK site. The colours that keep cropping up are: Bright Fuschia Genuine...
  7. Cyanide.Candy

    MAC Pigments group buy for Ireland?

    Hey y'all! I don't suppose any other fellow Irish lassies out there would be interested in an Irish group buy on some MAC pigments? I'd love to add to my collection, but damn, those jars are just far too big for one person to use, it seems such a waste! Anyone interested in getting together...
  8. Cyanide.Candy

    Looking for a rec for this bright pink Lady GaGa lipstick?

    Hey guys! I recently saw a pic of Lady GaGa wearing a neon bright pink lipstick.. I'm dying to get my hands on it or something similar! The lippie in question is the one on the right.. Anyone know of anything similar? Preferably in MAC?
  9. Cyanide.Candy

    NC for those with Pale skin and pink cheeks??

    Ok, so I'm just back from an appointment with a Sales assistant who insisted I was an NC in MAC. I've always been told I'm an NW, I have very pale skin along with high colouration, pink cheeks etc.. She told me that the yellow in NC counteracts the redness, whilst NW is for those with yellow...
  10. Cyanide.Candy

    No prices on ??

    Not sure if it's just me buuut.. everytime I check out M·A·C Cosmetics there are no prices displayed for anything, so I can't see the price for anything! Yet when I log onto M·A·C Cosmetics the prices are clearly displayed on everything no problems.. Why are the prices being blocked for me...
  11. Cyanide.Candy

    Make Up For Ever; HD Powder - Is it toxic?

    Ok, now I happened to come across this link regarding Silica, in context to MUFE's High Definition Powder (Which is made of 100% Silica) and it made for an interesting read. Now I'm not out to scaremonger or anything of the sort, obviously I'm not passing any judgement yet til I know all the...
  12. Cyanide.Candy

    MAC "Samples"

    There's a lot of MAC products floating around on LJ and on eBay with authentic looking packaging and product inside, along with real looking boxes, however on the boxes instead of the normal MAC stickers they have a white sticker with the shade name and saying "Sample" beneath. I bought a lot...
  13. Cyanide.Candy

    How do I access the Clearance Bin?

    Hey guys, Just wondering what criteria I must meet in order to have the privilege to access the Clearance Bin? I'm after some goodies and have money to burn, let me in!!
  14. Cyanide.Candy

    Do fake MSF's exist??

    I was thinking of getting some MSF's on eBay, but what with all the fakes I'm oh so wary.. I know that eyeshadows and pigments are generally a no-go area on eBay, but what about the MSF's? Are there counterfeit MSF's on the market, have you ever received/seen one on eBay? Just how risky would...
  15. Cyanide.Candy

    "MAC foundations suck!"

    The thread title aren't my words, however I was looking for some info on another cosmetics board site on some MAC foundations, and that was one of the responses I got, with a lot of people agreeing. Is this the general consensus? I have to admit, I'm a total MAC foundation virign. I'm a total...
  16. Cyanide.Candy

    Best MAC foundation for Dry and Pale Skin?

    Hey guys! I've been using MAC products for years - mainly pigments and eyeshadows, however I'm a total newb when it comes to their foundations, for some reason I always found them too yellow/dark for my skintone, so I used Lancome, Chanel, Dior etc.. However, I'd really like to get a MAC...
  17. Cyanide.Candy

    Unforgettableitems - any experience?

    I've seen this seller on eBay quite a bit selling MAC Glitter samples mainly along with full size jars. Unforgettableitems eBay My World - unforgettableitems "***SELLERS NOTE: THIS LISTING IS FOR GENUINE MAC GLITTER, IN A MAC JAR, IN A MAC BOX ! STICKER THAT STATES THE COLOR IS MISSING DUE TO...