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  1. franimal

    Anger issues, ppl getting under your skin

    So tonight I went to Dave & Busters for a friend's B-day. This total douchebag who was in front of me in line to count tickets screamed at me because his machine wasn't working and in the meantime I had taken one that was working properly because I thought he had a machine. He was basically...
  2. franimal

    Wolf Pearlglide Look

    So I bought this pencil trying to step out of my bounds... I am not good with taupes and I hated Smoke & Diamonds....But I thought I could create something fabulous with this. I tried to do something similar to Kevyn Aucoin's Dramatic look with Jewel in Making Faces. I really love this product...
  3. franimal

    Fake Barbie Blush?

    I thought people werent counterfitting things with imprints like the barbie loves mac blushes and shadows, but something looks funny about this one. what do you think?
  4. franimal

    Can anyone share their favorite lipgloss recipes?

    Do you love to mix certain pigments into your gloss? Please share your ideas! I would really appreciate it!
  5. franimal

    Can you tell I can't stop thinking about upcoming collections?

    I can't wait for all the fall collections to come out! I was thinking that I never do smoky eyes and about how cool the greyish blue and blue black eyeshadows from smoke signals and blue storm are gonna be.... so this is what I came up with! all mac unless otherwise stated face: prep &...
  6. franimal

    I need to get a job and stop playing with makeup FOTD

    I'm so bored since I graduated from school. I feel so useless anyways: face: mineralize satinfinish NC42 mineralize skinfinish natural in medium studio finish concealer NC40 dame blush mellow rave highlight powder to contour lightscapade MSF eyes: bark e/s on brows untitled paint romping e/s...
  7. franimal

    my first FOTD with C-Shock

    So I went this morning to check out C-shock and I got all the e/s except going bananas and I got blast o' blue lipstick and out to shock lipstick. Then I had to go to an interview so I couldn't do any fun makeup and it was killing me! So when I got home I just had to try my new stuff. I'm really...
  8. franimal

    does mac make a black paint?

    and when was it released or discontinued?
  9. franimal

    my slowly growing collection since '97

    So basically I have loved mac since the 7th grade, but now I'm a broke college student, so my collection has grown slowly over the years. I just wanted to share what I've got and how I store everything, though it could be more organized. All labels are left to right, top to bottom. Have a great...
  10. franimal

    Covering up stretch marks?

    Does anyone know if this is practical/possible? I'm going to the Bahamas in July and want to cover up some unsightly stretch marks on the side of my butt. Any recommendations? Is there a product I can use that is waterproof?
  11. franimal

    are all these genuine?

    Some of my 190s have different bristle shapes. Is this normal? Can someone verify if all of these are real? Sorry if some of them are dirty!
  12. franimal

    where to find replaceable sponge tip applicators?

    Help me!!! My 202 replacement applicators went down the yucky drain!!! What do I do? Do I have to buy a whole nother brush or can I get the replaceable tips somewhere?
  13. franimal

    does mac barbie's traincase open?

    I don't want to take mine out of the packaging just yet. does anyone know if it opens and whats inside? if it opens, a pic would be great! Thanks in advance.
  14. franimal

    keeping mac boxes

    I was just wondering if anyone else is a freak about keeping their makeup in boxes. Like I know my makeup would be organized much nicer and it would take me less time to do my makeup if I didnt have to open so many boxes to get to all the various products and then repackage them again. I even...
  15. franimal

    Mac Barbie's Outfit

    What do you think of the new Mac Barbie's outfit? What would you have her wearing if you could decide? I personally think the Barbie is really cute and everything but I'm not wild about her outfit and was just wondering what other people thought. I think it would've been cool to dress her up...
  16. franimal

    another reason to take your makeup off at night!

    i dont mean to be gross, but i just read this article about what lives in your eyelashes. eewwww
  17. franimal

    Brushes- too good to be true?

    I saw this for sale on ebay but the price looks way too good for 8 brushes plus a free too faced palette. what do you all think? 2QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  18. franimal


    did the pearlizers only come out in the belle azure collection? what are all the different colors pearlizers come in?
  19. franimal

    rosacea on one cheek

    i need a recommendation: I only have rosacea on one cheek so i use mac's color correctour green on it under my foundation and then top my apples with blush. By the end of the day, it looks so uneven and stupid and it looks like I just wore blush on one side of my face! Should I get a longer...