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  1. ButterflyLashes

    quiz type thing lol

    just for something fun! in case you dont know, some one posts a question (e.g wat is your fave lipglass) and then the next person answers the first question and asks a new one. also it doesnt necessarily have to involve MAC.... and yes, im bored! so... your 3 stuck-on-an-island products...
  2. ButterflyLashes

    short thick hair Q's & side fringe Q

    would this haircut work with quite-thick hair and a long face? ( bit of a long-shot! )
  3. ButterflyLashes

    going-brunette questions

    i have naturally dark blonde hair, but im sick of it. i want to get a dark-chocolate brown semi at a salon. but my skin is fairly pale (and quite pink) so i was wondering if it will make me look too pale? is there anyway of avoiding paleness? also, how long does a semi last and how bad would...
  4. ButterflyLashes

    Attempting the dark green eye look the MAC MA had!

    gorgeous! and i love how the light created a little star-type thing in your eye - amazing!
  5. ButterflyLashes

    another question! ;)

    how good at lengthening is mac pro longlash? is it better than stila major lash?
  6. ButterflyLashes


    i dont know if this forum is just for mac products, but this seemed right , so if it isnt please forgive me :| ; i seem to be doing that a lot! (but im learning from my mistakes) but anyway, the question is: im planning on buying a mascara from ebay, but it comes without a box, and is apparently...
  7. ButterflyLashes

    i think this fits this forum... photos

    i wanted to get sum tips on taking photos - i have a standard camera that doesnt do close-ups or anything, and it is really hard to take pics! i either move the camera and blur the pic, or have to take a pic from a distance so it doesnt so you can see the details sum-wat. and even then the pics...
  8. ButterflyLashes

    My Updated Collection pics-VERY pic heavy

    FANTASTIC!!! Just one quick question: on about the 18th pic, the one showing the labels on the bottom of the glosses, are they all MAC lipglasses? cos i never heard of a lipglass called ''Shitty''!
  9. ButterflyLashes

    lipglass colour help

    i swear i already posted this but it seems to have disappeared??? i was wondering if someone could possibly describe the following lipglass colours for me? $ Be Seen $ Wild Girl $ Fancy That $...
  10. ButterflyLashes

    help me choose a lipglass!

    im saving up for my first lipglass but dont know which to buy. i want a natural pinky colour, and not too pale. Pleez tell me which of the following is best, or suggest another: $ elle (is this still available?)...
  11. ButterflyLashes

    hello from a newbie!

    ok thanx everyone! i have another question ops: : wat is the gist of how image - hosting websites work? ( just in case u need to know, im using Photo Bucket)