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  1. colormust

    CCBs ?????

    hey ya'll... i just have a quck question about the CCBs. do they crease? do you use a base before the CCB? (i am sure that there is a tread for this aleady but the site wont let me search right now : (...sorry) thanks ladies and gents : D
  2. colormust

    its an ok FOTD ; P

    so i finally got my camera to take 1 good pic and mean "1". i am in really bad need of a new anyways here it is: i really cant remember what i used sorry....
  3. colormust

    finally my may haul!!!

    i have been waiting allllllllllllll month for my purchase.... so here it is: l/s: coppertime apres sol e/s: jewel blue parfet amore goldmine summer neutral fountainbleu l/g tres cher! rose de sheer (stain) sunmetal f/l: dip down beauty powder - sunsparked pearl new 266 brush new beig-ing...
  4. colormust

    I Need Help With Pics

    hello girls how it going? can anyone help me out here? i am trying to upload pics and it keep on telling me it is an invalid file. anyone have any sugestions?
  5. colormust

    Blue Brown

    ok ladies this might already be posted but i cant find anything, so my question is: what do you girls pair will blue brown piggies? i absolutly love this color. keep on mind that on me it has more of a red tint... thanks **if there is already a thread you can just move mine or delete it** : P
  6. colormust

    Sephora partners with JC Penney

    so i was on another site and someboy said that JC Penneys is going to start selling sephora this cool is that. my sephoria is just way too busy for me.
  7. colormust

    DIOR anyone????

    i love this little thing. it is called the Dior Beauty Confindential. so cute
  8. colormust


    have no idea what i used, sorry
  9. colormust

    old fotd....just wanted to show my face around : P

    ok guys...since i am on here all the time but never post pics i thought i would just throw some on here real fast. dont mind the blurry pics, sorry these are from so long ago, let me think what i used...... Taupographic s/s on the inner eyelid bronze e/s over the taupographic some teal mac...
  10. colormust

    can someone help me out please?

    hello girls. tomorrow i am going to mac to get some lip glosses. i have never been into them that much but after seeing all the FOTD in here i am dying to get my collection going. any recommendations?
  11. colormust


    hey nessa i have a question....i was looking at your photo gallery and i was wondering where you got these. sephoria maybe?
  12. colormust

    purple trouble : (

    good morning ladies : ) so i am having trouble here and i hope that someone has some good advice. i love purples and i have a few, but everytime i put them on they dont apply well and dont blend well at all. is it just me or do any of you guys have the same problem? am i better off with...
  13. colormust

    happy birthdays!!!!!

    i was just searching the site and noticed that there where two birthdays today... so ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACEYMEOW AND ALEXA!!!!!
  14. colormust

    mac website....

    do any of you know if i can still use my pro card discount ordering off the site? i have never ordered anything of the site, i have always went in...
  15. colormust

    Culturebloom Event!

    so did any of you go yesterday? if you did what did you get?
  16. colormust

    dull day in S.D. (sux for pics)

    here is my eyes from yesterday. it was pretty cloudy so the pics arent that great. the colors look much better in person. so here is what i used: motif e/s as a base exp. pink e/s all over the lid antiqued e/s in the outer v and crease brun e/s as eyeliner this is outside: inside: and here...
  17. colormust

    my first FOTD....x-mas party

    does this work
  18. colormust

    stars n rockets

    hello girlies... what would you guys recommend when wearing stars n rockets?
  19. colormust

    brown and blue

    my firend is wearing a brown outfit with blue accents tonight and she wants me to do her make-up. what are your guys recommendations for e/s?
  20. colormust

    What to wear with stars n rockets

    ok, so i am going out tonight and i am dying to wear one of my new e/s. i think i am going to go with Stars n Rockets. but....i need some help on what to wear with it. my mind is not being very creative today so help me out please? i am wearing black and white so i can go any colors i want.