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  1. MAC_Diva

    Press-on Nail Polish

    Has anyone tried any type of press on nail polish? I know Avon has some for $8 and they sell them at walgreens for $4-$5. I'm one of those people who can't keep polish on their nails for one day before it chips or can't paint my nails without looking like a 5 year old did it. I was in...
  2. MAC_Diva

    Presents for my Mom

    She really wants a vibrant Pink and Blue eyeshadow (She already has Steamy, Parfait Amour, and Creme de Violet). But since shes middle aged she doesn't want anything too bright. No Lustres, only ones that have good staying power. I also wanted to introduce her to a base for her shadow. Maybe...
  3. MAC_Diva

    Drugstore Brush Cleaners?

    I love my MAC brush cleaner but its so expensive!! Other than mixing it myself, has anyone seen a brush cleaner for less than $11?
  4. MAC_Diva

    Driver's License Photos

    Hey Everyone! I'm taking my drivers license photo in a couple of days and I was wondering what the best makeup to use is? I just went to get a new permit and the background ended up being this color. Any suggestions will really help. Thanks!
  5. MAC_Diva

    Naughty Nauticals Haul!!!

    Party Mate L/S [I love this color!! I may consider getting a backup, because i will most likely be wearing it every day. Only $4] Illegal Cargo E/S [Never knew i was going to get this until my MA did a look on me. Gorgeous. It really makes blue eyes pop!] Meet the Fleet E/S Carbon E/s...
  6. MAC_Diva

    My Collection

    Lingering Brow Pencil, Alpha Girl Beauty Powder, Studio Fix Fluid NW20 Lipsticks: Russian Red, Lollipop Loving LipGlass: Style Minx, Bonus Beat, Sock Hop LustreGlass: Love Nectar, Viva Glam VI SE Holiday 07 Pigment Set Studio Finish...
  7. MAC_Diva

    Mac in Mode Class

    I went into Macy's today and of course headed over to the MAC counter and bought my first paint pot. While I was checking out, the artist told me about the Mac in Mode class for $50 (or in product sales) in the Middle of March.. Does anyone know any more information.