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  1. inconspicuous

    You're doing it wrong...

    MAC HELLO KITTY COLL. BEAUTY POWDER * ALPHA GIRL * NIB - eBay (item 190335532202 end time Jan-13-10 18:40:56 PST) My favourite is when people put counterfeits for sale that are glaringly obvious to anyone who knows the brand. The above link for example? Apha Girl beauty powder... in Hello...
  2. inconspicuous

    Holiday Collection up on UK Site

    Just a heads up that the whole holiday collection (including Mischief Makers!) is up on the UK site now =]
  3. inconspicuous

    North American Beauty Brand Recs

    Whoo, I'm finally off to Canada at the end of next week, and there's a Sephora in one of the malls in my hometown so yay! I wasn't as into makeup and beauty as I am now when I lived there, so going back is going to be a whole new experience. So, I'm just wondering if there are any...
  4. inconspicuous

    Lipstick Recommendations?

    I just finished depotting nearly all of my MAC eyeshadows, and have 12 to take back for B2M, want to get them in before my counter stops taking them. And I have no idea what lipsticks to get. I'm a pale NC15, blonde hair, blue eyes. I tend to gravitate toward really nude colours, and I'd...
  5. inconspicuous

    Virgin Isle CCB or similar? [UK]

    So, I'm absolutely in love with Virgin Isle CCB and want it badly - of course, it's IMPOSSIBLE to find. I've heard that Rich Coral CCB from the pro stores is close, just a bit toned down - but I live in England and when I called the pro line, they told me they don't stock it over here =[ Does...
  6. inconspicuous

    MAC Pro - Maximum Purchase Policy?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering, is there a maximum purchase policy for MAC Pro UK members? I know there is one in the US, which is detailed on the website, but does anyone know what it is in the UK? Thanks for your help! Vix x
  7. inconspicuous

    PRO Phone order in the UK?

    I posted this in the main Pro discussion in MAC Chat, but figured it would be better to ask here, where ladies in the UK might be more likely to see it and help me out? Basically, I've been approved for my Pro card and am waiting for that, and I know we in the UK can only use the discount at...
  8. inconspicuous

    Yesterday's FOTD : More Hello Kitty

    I need to say, I loved this look. And it earned me my first spontaneous makeup compliment at work yesterday. Yay! Everything is MAC except where otherwise specified =] FACE Select Cover Up: NC20 Studio Fix Fluid: NC15 Beauty Powder Blush: Tippy EYES Urban Decay Primer Potion Stylin'...
  9. inconspicuous

    Looking for a few blush recommendations?

    So... I will admit that, as a new MAC Addict, I only own two blushes (I have a covergirl one somewhere too, that I bought for my high school graduation four and a half years ago =/) - which happen to be the two BPB's that came with the Hello Kitty collection. If nothing else, Hello Kitty helped...
  10. inconspicuous

    Neutral-Natural FOTD

    I'm really getting into this Face of the Day thing, whoo! So here's my second one =] Everything is MAC Except where otherwise specified. Face Clinique Moisture Surge Mousturizer Select Cover-Up: NC20 Studio Fix Fluid: NC15 Fun & Games Blush Eyes Ricepaper Eyeshadow Saddle Eyeshadow...
  11. inconspicuous

    Hello Kitty - My first FOTD =]

    Whoo so I thought I might as well post in here, so here you go! Excuse the pajamas lol. Face Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser Studio Fix Fluid Foundation: NC15 Studio Fix Powder Plus: NC15 Fun & Games Blush Eyes Urban Decay Primer Potion Hello Kitty Quad: Too Dolly (Yogurt...
  12. inconspicuous


    This is probably a stupid question, but a few people here and on youtube have mentioned getting MAC at CCOs and I was just wondering if it was a US-only thing or if we had CCOs in the UK? Thanks ladies
  13. inconspicuous

    190, 194, 275, 266 - Real or fake?

    I just received these four brushes in the mail from ebay. They were advertised as "brand new in sleeve" and when I first opened the package alarm bells started ringin - the clear plastic sleeve was just that, a clear plastic sleeve with NOTHING on it. I know real MAC brushes should have the...
  14. inconspicuous

    Waiting, waiting, waiting

    So, I happened to refresh MAC's UK website yesterday just as the Hello Kitty collection went live. I immediately made a huge order, got my confirmation email at the same time as my notification email telling that it had gone on the website haha. Then last night I placed another order for a...
  15. inconspicuous

    New Girl in the UK <3

    Hi everyone! So, clearly, I'm new to the forum. My name's Victoria but most folk call me Vikki or Vix, so take your pick! I'm 22 years old, was born and raised in Canada and moved to England six weeks after my 18th birthday =]. I've got braces on my top teeth, but they're coming off on my...