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  1. naijapretty

    Eve Pearl Discount

    Hi, I'm posting this in here because her salmon concealer palette is a must-have for muas. She's having a discount on her website for today only, 50% off BPF120409 Enjoy
  2. naijapretty

    Mistakes you've learned from

    i've started this thread because i think it would be helpful if others read it and learned from it. So,MUAs, share your mistakes you've made on a job. You can also post pictures, as I've seen threads where a top MUA posted what her work looked liked when she started (i.e not good) and a lot of...
  3. naijapretty


    MORE PICTURES ADDED AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE Hi, I hope this is in the right place. It's helpful sometimes to see actual pictures of brushes, so I decided to do this. [/IMG] Crown brushes: eys, small crease, random eye, concealer, lip, med. all-over eye, all-over eye2, brow, foundation (its...
  4. naijapretty

    Makeup junkies in Cincy

    hey everyone!! I recently moved to Cincinnati OH, have no friends here and would love to meet makeup addicts like me! I just ordered a makeup set from an online shop too and i need volunteers,(the last ones I got have finally been talked out of suing me, but don't get ) Any takers?
  5. naijapretty

    Makeup tutor in Ohio

    hi, I've loved makeup for years, am good with faces (have done mine, my friends, my sisters, their friends and classmates' makeup). I'm also artistic, my first love is portrait work (pencil sketches and watercolour). So I'm thinking of taking it to the next level. I recently moved to Cincinnati...
  6. naijapretty

    Crazy Bamboom Paint!

    hi guys, I just had to share this... So, there i was this morning, depotting and playing with my makeup, when I decide to look up my bamboom paint, which i got begining of may from a mac store in virginia. i unscrew the top, tube facing upwards and it starts slowly rising! i wasnt putting...