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  1. GlitterGeet

    "Your eyes have a golden sparkle!" - GBA I love you!

    That's what my dad said when he saw my eyes. He was quite the fan of this look and I am too. I LOVE GBA MES soooooo much! Eyes: Greasepaint stick Gilt by Association MES Next to Nothing e/s Smolder kohl Red Cherry lashes #43 ( <------ told you I'm addicted to this way affordable brand!)...
  2. GlitterGeet

    Vegas look - night one! =)

    So this is my look I wore my first night in LV. =) It was a month back so I kinda sorta remember the colors. Eyes: Black tied e/s Mythology e/s Next to Nothing e/s Red Cherry lashes (#102) Lips: BabySparks d/g ( my mean look, along w/ my Mango Vodka. hee hee) Me and my cousin...
  3. GlitterGeet

    *~*It's been months! (Crest the Wave, Violet Trance, Pandimonium FOTD) =) *~*

    Hey lovelies! It's been ages since I've been on here. I do have some FOTDS from the past months but here is my most recent! Hope you likey! Eyes: Next to Nothing e/s Crest the Wave e/s Violet Trance e/s Pandimonium e/s Black Track f/l Red Cherry #523 ----------> ( I LOVEEEEE RED CHERRY...
  4. GlitterGeet

    A sea of blues =)

    My blue look! =) Hope you likey. (Sorry about the eyebrows!) Pure white pig. Yogurt e/s Aquadisiac e/s Atlantic blue e/s Deep truth e/s Blacktrack f/l Ardell Wispies
  5. GlitterGeet

    *~*Grad + 30 lbs gone FOTD!!! B.S- in Biology w/ a Minor in Criminal Justice!*~*

    So I graduated yesterday and just loved my look for graduation! It went very nicely with my brand new dress! ****My mom is the one who gave me the color mix for my eyes! Plus... I've also lost around 30 lbs since October!!!!! So it was a very emotional graduation for multiple reasons and...
  6. GlitterGeet

    Deepened Sunset it's a pleasure to meet u!!!

    I had no idea what to call this look.. LOL.. but I likkkkkeeeyy it and I wanted to share! Eyes: Cranberry e/s Firespot e/s Beauty marked e/s Yogurt e/s Blacktrack f/l Ardell wispies Feline liner Engraved liner Face + Lips: Vanity's Child l/s some clear sparkle gloss Emote blush Trace gold...
  7. GlitterGeet

    Smoke & Diamonds ~smookkeeyy out!

    Heeyyy loves! It's been awhile but I wanted to throw out this look! I think it's my new fav smokey look! =) Eyes: Smoke and Diamonds e/s Solar white e/s Pandimonium e/s Black Tied e/s Llama e/s Blacktrack f/l Black Russian liner Feline liner Plush lash Ardell wispies Lips: Lollipop loving l/s...
  8. GlitterGeet

    My XOxoxOX day look & a smile for Ash! =)

    Lol.... sooo here's my look for today! Eyes: Sunset B. e/s Brule e/s Fig 1. e/s Electric Coral pig. Face: Harmony Gold Trace Lips: Cultureclash l/g Here's the smile Ash! =P
  9. GlitterGeet

    *~*Lucky Tom *Creasing style!*

    Hey loves!!!!! I was sooo iffy on this palette but I fell in love with it when I saw it in person! This is my first look with the palette.. (OH yes.. more looks will be coming!) Eyes: Lucky Tom (all colors) Brule e/s Blacktrack f/l Zoom lash Lips: Mimmy BOO- I didn't have time to do my...
  10. GlitterGeet

    BAM!!! I'm back after a lil while... sooo 4 FOTDS!!! Sweet!

    Hey lovelies! Oh how I have missed you guys sooooo! It's my last semester so I plan on ending strong PLUS I've made a decision to get healthier so I've been hitting the gym non-stop. I've dropped 15lbs since November! =) Best part is that I'm decreasing my health-risks! WOOOO hoooo!!! Okay on...
  11. GlitterGeet

    A momentary indulgence of pigments.. yummy.

    So... I rarely post up FOTDS that show neutrals.. but I figured.. what the's all pigments... so let me just post it... plus I liked it enough to show ya lovelies! =) Eyes: UDPP Heritage Rouge pig Museum bronze pig Blond's gold pig Jardin Aires pig Brown down e/s Blacktrack f/l Ardell...
  12. GlitterGeet

    Xmas Tree OHH Xmas Tree.. on the EYES! =)

    Hey guys!! I did this look for our annual family Secret Santa party yesterday! =) I forgot how much I love playing with greens! (P.S - I fixed the liquid liner afterwards..) Eyes: Next to Nothing e/s Frost pig Pure White pig Green pig Kelly green pig Forest Green pig Mystery Kohl Feline Kohl...
  13. GlitterGeet

    *~*Deep Winter Look*~* (Grape, Climate Blue, & Cool Heat)

    Hey guys!!! Got a new camera after my old one broke the weekend after my bday... It's been awhile.. FInals r next week.. so I decided to procrastinate and do this look which I've fallen in love with... and hope to make it better in the near future =) Hope u guys like and HAPPY...
  14. GlitterGeet

    3 different smokey looks (green,purple,black) all in ONE night!

    So I went down to San Diego last weekend to celebrate my 25th along with my best friend Laine's 25th! I only got a close up of her eyes closed =( But there are pictures to show our looks that I CREATED =p : Mine: Blacktrack f/l Grape pigment Black Tied e/s Next to Nothing e/s Ardell lashes...
  15. GlitterGeet

    *~*My Birthday FOTDS from yesterday!!!*~*

    So yesterday I reached a "Quarter of a Century" and it was sooo much fun. It was w/ family and NEXT weekend I"m going to San Diego to celebrate with besties! It was a great day and evening.. of just being KICK-BACK.. just the way I like it! So here's my FIRST FOTD under my new Screen name too...
  16. GlitterGeet

    WAS hr44... now it's NEW! =)

    Okay.. sooooo my old profile name.. yeaaa... not so much! But how cute is THIS one!!! GlitterGeet hee hee I love it! So.. yea I WAS hr44 before.. but not now. (I'm probably going to give this profile name to my sister in India so she can use the tips and stuff and because she's too lazy...