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  1. SpeckyBecky

    I have a makeup interview with MAC on Tuesday! :)

    I'm excited!! Here's a tropical look I did for a rehearsal dinner that was a luau theme. MAC SFF MAC Pressed powder La Femme Blush Revlon Skinlights in Natural UDPP MAC trophy pink and silverwear NYX Orange pigment Artistik cosmetics palette bright blue with light green on top Light green...
  2. SpeckyBecky

    bitter satellite dreams

    Last time it was blue and green and purple. MUFE Primer MAC SFF RCMA Loose Powder Milani Luminous Blush MAC Bitter and Satellite dreams Covergirl Disco ball MAC Blacktrack Rimel Jet Black liner Full and Soft waterproof mascara Neutrogena Enlightened on the lips...
  3. SpeckyBecky

    3 eras..3 looks

    This was so much fun! Face on all: MAC SFF RCMA Powder (no powder on the 70's picture) DiorShow mascara 1920's (I wanted to do a different color lip than red) La Femme natural blush Black eye shadow rimmel jet black liner Mac Revealing lipglass 1950's La Femme rose blush Revlon Lashes...
  4. SpeckyBecky

    and today was a day just like any other..

    MAC SFF RCMA Loose powder Covergirl Sophisticated Sable blush (the light color) MAC satellite dreams, tilt Covergirl Disco ball Rimmel Jet Black liner Diorshow mascara Covergirl Strawberry Fizz lip gloss *please forgive the eyebrows...i'm attempting to grow them out in some places haha*
  5. SpeckyBecky

    Dita Von Teese

    FACE: SFF Pressed Powder BlushBaby powder blush Artistik Cosmetics Palette: Deep brown, silver, lighter brown, vanilla Rimmel white pencil Blacktrack Diorshow mascara Clinique Earth Red VS Stilleto
  6. SpeckyBecky

    I did two friends' makeup!

    All of the eye shadow is artistic cosmetics except for the coppery color on the second one which is MAC Mythology. Both girls wore CoverGirl foundation, La Femme blush, 3 color cosmetics concealer, Rimmel Jet Black eyeliner, and Clinique mascara. On the 1st girl (Amy) I used Clinique superbalm...
  7. SpeckyBecky

    two looks.

    Both Images: MAC SFF Clinique Loose illuminating powder Neutral La Femme Blush DiorShow Mascara Rimmel Jet Black Eye Liner First Image: Artistic Cosmetics Palette colors: Red, Black, Ivory, Pearl White, Tangerine (I put black all over the mobile eyelid and mixed red on top) Rimmel Volume Boost...
  8. SpeckyBecky

    Fantasy eyes! 7 colors

    So fun! Used: NYX Orange MAC Silverwear, Trophy Pink, Modern Heir Artistik Cosmetic palette bright blue, green, and gold
  9. SpeckyBecky

    two in one night...yet another look

    MAC SFF MAC Sheer pressed powder Covergirl sophisticated sable blush e/s blue with gold specks, bright matte blue, black, and matte white (artistik cosmetic palette) MAC Blacktrack diorshow VS passion fruit l/g
  10. SpeckyBecky

    and we sleep inside of this machine

    MAC SFF MAC Select Sheer Pressed Covergirl sophisticated sable blush I just got an artistik cosmetics 88 eye palette so the eye shadows have no name...but I used Red, Lime Green, Pearly white, and black Rimmel Jet Black eye liner Diorshow Mascara Clinique Glosswear: Whisper and Sunset
  11. SpeckyBecky

    who wouldn't stand inside your love

    MAC SFF Clinique Glow powder elf all over cover la femme blush NYX Redhead MAC Silverwear Sephora black and white colors Rimmel jet black eye liner Diorshow mascara Sonia Kashuk lashes Rimmel Spice lipliner Clinique superbalm raspberry tint
  12. SpeckyBecky

    we'll dance off time to songs we've never liked

    FACE MAC SFF Clinique loose powder Rimmel cream blush coral kiss MAC Modern Heir and Silverwear e/s (royal asset palette) Rimmel Jet black eyeliner and white eyeliner DiorShow Mascara rimmel lipliner wine smashbox lipstick flirty vasoline
  13. SpeckyBecky

    there's something about her long shady eyes

    FACE: Covergirl Tinted Moisturizer ELF all over cover Clinique Matte Powder La Femme Blush Sephora Black and White e/s Rimmel Black pencil DiorShow Mascara Rimmel wine lipliner Clinique Earth Red Lips
  14. SpeckyBecky

    Valentine Plum Pink

    I decided to step out of the usual red for Valentines and do a plumish pink on the lips. Products: MAC SFF RCMA Powder Revlon Skinlights in Natural Natural colored blush UDPP Clinique Beach e/s Lancome Honeymoon e/s Blacktrack fluidline Diorshow Victoria's Secret stilleto lipstick...
  15. SpeckyBecky

    Aquarius Girl

    My birthday was Thursday! This was my birthday look! Products: MAC Studio Fix Fluid RCMA translucent powder Revlon Skinlights Natural La Femme blush light pink Sephora e/s Pearl 5 (dark aqua),3 (lime green), and 1 (silvery white) Wet n' Wild black eye pencil diorshow clinique colour surge in...
  16. SpeckyBecky

    My Birthday Eve!!

    Tomorrow's my birthday..but that's for me and my hubby to celebrate. So my parent's took us out tonight. Products Face Atelier pro foundation RCMA Translucent powder La Femme blush...peach Revlon natural highlight Blacktrack NYX Redhead MAC: Medallion, trophy pink, queen's jewel (cool eyes...
  17. SpeckyBecky

    Magic's in the makeup

    Partay makeup. Products: Bare Minerals foundation Mineral veil La Femme blush (some peachy's in my makeup palette..) NYX e/s orange Sephora palette: white highlight, black, seafoam green MAC Blacktrack Diorshow eyelashes from Sonia Kashuk Covergirl watermelon shine
  18. SpeckyBecky

    *meow* drama eye

    A little fun with the dramatic eye. Products: MAC Studio Fix Fluid MAC pressed powder vincent longo concealer neutrogena shimmer sheer enchanted MAC Blacktrack Some random black eye shadow Covergirl disco ball diorshow mascara vasoline for the wet messy look foundation on the lips plus vasoline
  19. SpeckyBecky

    just rolled out of bed look

    My lazy day face. I wish I looked this fresh just waking up...but I can sure try to make people think so!! Products: Cover Girl Tinted Moisturizer Bare minerals concealer in bisque Bare minerals mineral veil Neutrogena shimmer sheer in enlightened Clinique eye shadow duo in beach plum ( i...
  20. SpeckyBecky

    First post!! Tutorial Added..picture heavy

    Used: MAC Studio Fix Fluid MAC pressed powder Covergirl Instant Cheekbones in purely plum MAC Royal Assets cool eyes in: Medallion Queen's Jewel NYX Red Head (which is really a pink color) Almay liquid liner DiorShow Mascara Start with a fresh face..although here I have a tad bit of...