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  1. amy_forster

    A few photoshoot images... (pic heavy)

    Been doing the odd photoshoot recently and I thought I'd post some pictures and see what you peeps think. It a little picture heavy as its taken me a while to get the balls to post my work up!!! Its been a while since I did anything different on myself but I'm looking to get back into using my...
  2. amy_forster

    Summer trend bags?

    Hi Ladies, I know we got the summer bags last year but I've heard rumours we won't see the animal print ones this year. Does any one know whether we'll get them or not?
  3. amy_forster

    MAC dupes for the cult of cherry quads...

    So, everyone keeps talking about how dupeable the quads from cult of cherry are but I'm struggling to find anyone who actually specifies any actual dupes! So, basically, my question is.... Do you know of any mac dupes for the shadows in the quads and what are they? Thankyou for your help...
  4. amy_forster

    Pictures from a photo session we had...

    We had a photo session done at a photography studio near home & I wanted to share the pictures with you seen as I'm rather pleased with them. I'm sorry if they're a little big, I wasn't sure how to make them any smaller! First off, here's my other half looking rather good... Here's one of...
  5. amy_forster

    Is this prose and fancy real?

    Do you think these prose and fancy e/s are real?
  6. amy_forster

    How does this look to you? I know that the RRP is off but what about the product?
  7. amy_forster

    Chrome and Cream on the UK site!!!

    Just thought you might all want to have a look at the promo pic and stuff! Its gorgeous! I just wish I had more real-life swatches to go by!!!
  8. amy_forster

    endless love and passionate e/s

    anyone notice that these two don't have the triangle of death next to them on the UK website? glitch or new perms?
  9. amy_forster

    Can anybody help me?...

    I've been looking at all the information on the new collections that keeps popping up (loving so much of it too ) and as I live in the UK, none of our MAC artists have gone on update yet :confused: ! I was just wondering if anyone could help me with which collections are being released in the UK?
  10. amy_forster

    Any ideas on this 279 brush?

    Saw this on ebay and I'm sure mine has white bristles but someone recomended this seller in a past thread so I'm not sure what to think!
  11. amy_forster

    The Brush Clutch...

    I know this was discussed some time ago but I can't find the thread for the life of me! There was talk that it was being revamped and re-released in the new year. I've just done a live chat and yes, it is being discontinued and there are NO plans to re-release it as of yet!!!! Oh No!
  12. amy_forster

    New MAC Make Up Bags

    Has anyone seen the new makeup bags MAC are releasing? Any news on what they're like? There are no pics for the new stuff anywhere!!!
  13. amy_forster

    And some more that look fake (inc all girl pigment!)...

    Any ideas on these? I'll add more as I find them!!! (I'm not sure about the...
  14. amy_forster

    MAC Shimmer Souffle

    Is this real? I've never heard of this product before and it looks to me like a jar of pigment!
  15. amy_forster

    Release dates for the UK

    I've just spoken to another lovely lady at the UK customer services for MAC/Estee Lauder 08700342999) and she's given me the release dates for the upcoming collections so here goes girlies... A Muse - 3rd August Avant Gold - 3rd August Technacolour - 3rd August Plushglass - 7th September...
  16. amy_forster

    Amuse, Avant Gold and Technacolour

    I've just had a live chat with a lovely girl and she told me that Amuse, Avant Gold and Technicolour should all hit UK shores sometime in august!!!! I can't wait!!!
  17. amy_forster

    MAC Live chat: technacolour, amuse, avant gold...

    I've just had a live chat with a very lovely girl and she's told me the amuse, avant gold and technicolour should all hit the UK in august sometime!!! I'm so excited!!!!
  18. amy_forster

    New Collection! Something to save your bank balances!!!

    Just a little something to save the bank balances of you european ladies who had your eyes on the boy beauty quad...its made up of 4 standard shade...vanilla, cork, omega and blu-noir! All of which are readily available normally!!!
  19. amy_forster

    New Collections???

    I'm not sure if this should really be listed in the european forum but it seems to have gone quiet recently so I posted it here (someone please move it if it shouldn't be here!!!). I spoke to the MA at my local MAC store and asked her about collections coming out in the she told me...
  20. amy_forster

    I'm sooo excited!

    I posted a thread a while ago because I was poo with MAC fluidline but thankyou to all the girls who gave me some advice because I mastered it last night ...well enough to venture out of the house in it!!! That means, I can get the delphic fluidline from lure and know I'm going to use it...