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  1. Klava

    What??? This is backwards!

    So from many posts here I understood that you put Strobe Cream first (or may be another moisturiser) and them prep+prime, but I just read this on MAC website for Twisted Pigment look: "I almost always prep the skin with Prep + Prime Skin and whatever type of moisturizer my client will need...
  2. Klava

    My First FOTD - coincidentally MAC interview look

    Hi everybody! So this is my first one... please, don't judge too harshly, I don't have that much of experience with make up. Plus, I didn't do anything with my lips when I took pictures. I'm also learning how to use the camera, so that the colors come out properly - it's bloody dificult! I...
  3. Klava

    Excited to be here!

    Hi everybody! Decided to register after looking around for a couple of days. There is a wealth of info on this site! And so many talented people! About me - just getting into the whole make up scene after realizing that this just might be the dream I would like to live. Also applied to...